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Monday, 30 September 2013

Brandy at the Indigo o2: The 90's

So Tuesday early morning I find out I'm going to see Brandy, (my friend won tickets and called me at some ridiculous hour to share the news). Obviously I was just as excited I liked the fact that it was so random, she didn't tell me she was applying for Brandy tickets? No warning what so ever!? Like anyone I didn't really know what to expect the only thing I was wondering was 'has she still got it?'. She was on top of her game in the 90's with R&B classics I still listen to. However its funny how most of her hits were release when I was still single digit ages, but with elder cousins who were teenagers at that time, I guess I grew familiar to Brandy's music through them. 

Winner's ticket ;)
Before Brandy came on stage she had 4 different supporting acts do their thing on stage (the most supporting acts I've ever seen for one show!) I didn't mind it though they were all really entertaining (Rachel Kerr, Ayah Marah, Dora Martin and Mike Hough). The lights went dim before we hear Brandy powerfully begin one of her most recent songs 'what about us', she began with a couple of songs from her Full Moon album before getting into her old school tunes which everyone was singing along too! She managed to please the crowd with her fierce dance routines with the backing of two dancers. A truly incredible show as she interacted with the audience also fitting in a short Whitney Houston medley. By the end of the show the crowd were practically crying for more! Chanting for her to come out one more time. Responding to our plea Brandy arrives on stage in a black leather studded jacket and performs her well known duet 'The boy is mine' which was the perfect way to close the show leaving everyone on a high.

Have you ever..
Angel in disguise
After the show I couldn't stop thinking how amazing she looked! she still looks like she was in her teens, just a bit less baby faced. I cannot believe the woman is in her 30's (not that it is old) she really did resemble who she was 20 years ago. I feel as if she just changed her hairstyle from her braids to weave (like most of us girls do). Brandy really did not disappoint, she has most definitely still got it going on!

Full moon
Going off the topic, I don't know about you but I had been watching The Big Reunion on ITV (its finished now but there is always itv player!) and I just loved it, it brought it all back for me, to my former pop junkie days, when pop music was actually bearable to listen too. When B*witched 'Cest La Vie' was mine and my sister's favourite song and when my friends and I made up a dance to every 5ive song there is! A time when pop music was innocent and the groups were aware of their young audience. It was an era where we had and still have music we can listen to and the song still holds the same morals and values, songs hold so many cherished childhood memories that makes me believe that the 90's was most definitely the decade to have been a part of (not bias at all).

The Spice Girls

TLC knew about crop tops from way back then..


Friday, 6 September 2013

Skate King's X


I recently went to this pop up roller skating venue, located behind King's Cross station with some friends. This was their  first summer running it as they have been at a few festivals before going to the High Canopy at King's Cross. As soon as we got there I instantly liked the vibe as the DJ played inside the chained curtain skating ring. I'm so surprised I never fell down but skating is one of those things like anything, the more you do it the better you get at it, We all made major improvments by the end of the night in comparison to the way why we staggered on to the floor originally. As they say practice makes perfect! I would defienitly do it again as its a fun way to exercise also they sell food and some sweet mojitios, but obviously don't have too many of those before stepping out on to the floor.

I really recommend going its soo much fun when you get into it! - Make it quick though, this Saturday is the last day, do something out of your comfort zone..

All those wheels..

Me holding on..

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