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Sunday, 6 April 2014

WIS: Bonne fête de l'indépendance au peuple Sénégalais! / Senegal's 54th Independence

On the 4th April Senegal celebrated its 54th independence since parting from France colony in 1959, this meant we had a public holiday and a longer weekend! My mum has come to visit me in Senegal for a week so it has been nice spending time with her. We watched some of the parade on TV in the morning where a group of female dancers swiftly performed a united routine for the people of Senegal. Later that afternoon we decided to go and see some of the action for ourselves and made our way 'en ville' in to the town where we saw the President, ambassadors and other diplomates return to the Presidential palace near la Rue de la Republic in Senegal's capital city Dakar. I don't consider myself to be very patriotic but I really did enjoy the atmosphere of the people as they sang and cheered during the parade. Here are some pictures of the day.

Ministers of Interiors Building


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