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Saturday, 26 April 2014

WIS: Easter in Saly: Everything in moderation

I spent the Easter (Saturday - Monday) in Saly, which is in the south of Dakar on the Petite Côte of Senegal. I don’t have much to report other than it being very relaxing and a dozen of cows randomly showing up at the back of the guest house alongside other cute animals. I went with my Senegalese family and my sister who has come to visit me. It was a nice getaway that consisted mostly of chilling, admiring the beach scenery ahead, swimming and a spontaneous campfire on our last evening as we roasted marshmallows (s’mores – American and Canadian style). With no WI FI the gated compound was a quiet place to contemplate and in my case compare the contrast of the beautiful residence I spent Easter in to the home I spent my previous weekend in Kuer Katim Village. Obviously this is not just the case here in Senegal, but worldwide I find it amazing how people can live so differently within the same country.

Arrival at Saly

Peggy the Peacock

Despite having this super chilled/calm time at this place, I had finally finished reading my book on Saturday (The fault in our stars – by John Green: great book!) there were only so many times I could swim, listen to music, eat and lay in the sun. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get bored by Sunday, maybe it’s just me but I am a firm believer in not over doing things or else it loses its meaning and the enjoyment element. As my Nana would say ‘everything in small doses!’ That saying definitely came to mind over the weekend. If we left the compound and explored more of Saly perhaps I wouldn’t have felt like I had done everything that there was to offer (but now that I am writing this I am thinking what was stopping me from leaving the guesthouse anyway?). I guess it was convenient to stay where we were and everyone else was having a blast! I had a wonderful time nonetheless how I see it is there is only so many long you can do…sweet nothing aka resting/relaxing/chilling (what ever you want to call it) for. Its not my style, I would rather be active in the sense that I discovered a new venue or learnt about something that had never occurred to me during my time in Saly but unfortunately neither of these events happened, because I was too busy 'chilling'. I'm feeling kind of robbed. Let me rephrase that, I am feeling somewhat annoyed (with myself).

S'mores at the campfire


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