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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

WIS: Patterns everywhere you go

When my mum came to visit me earlier this month, she honestly thought I was obsessed with finding patterns and capturing them,  that is not exactly the truth because you will never have to find a trendy motif anywhere in Dakar because you can't miss them! everywhere you go from doors to walls you name it they are there evidently there making a statement somehow. 

My favourite are the wall cinderblock designs in a row on the top of the wall in order to avoid the invasion of dust and also mosquitoes I’m guessing as the gaps in some the design blocks contain a mini net stopping their access.

Being a design student it almost becomes second nature to notice detailing and to achknowedge the elements of your surroundings as we know inspiration and ideas can come from all sorts of places. However after I counted the amount of pattern related pics I have taken out here in the past 6 months, maybe she is right. Just a little obsessed.

Here are just a few pictures I've taken of the kind of patterns in Dakar. Enjoy


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