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Monday, 19 May 2014

The things I will miss about Dakar/ Why you should visit Dakar!

  Colours :
I have never seen so much use of colour in one place! From the street walls, to the buses, it really is a sight.

 Senegalese people are the most friendly people as a nation I have come across, regardless of language barriers. For example it would be considered odd/strange if you didn’t greet the person you barely knew.

Café Touba: 
A colleague during my internship introduced me to this drink, I am not a coffee drinker but I love café Touba (especially with lemon/citron). In Dakar it is easy to find a man who sells it as they are usually carrying low metal steam pot with them instead of the N’est café cartes.

Food Senegalese dishes and fruits:
 As you can imagine the fruit here tastes amazing, especially the mangoes, (its currently mango season). Unlike a lot of West Afican countries, the Senegalese do not use hot pepper spices and if they do it is usually on the side. Saying that  the food still has a remarkable taste.

Coffee come’s to you:
 Ok it doesn’t come to you but it come’s close enough! I love this element of Dakar that you will never look to hard to spot a man and his coffee carte.

Ataaya is a traditional Senegal tea including mint and herbs, it
is usually taken after lunch and is very high in sugar. As my pictures show I could drink it for days!

New friends:
I’ve made some amazing new friends from different places around the world, seriously, I can not actually believe the amount of nationalies of people I encountered with (who I would not have met if I did not travel here otherwise.

They have really nice and calm beach resorts as well as being a generally safe country.

Mamelle beach
  No such thing as ‘right place, right time’:
This is one element I really admire about the people of Senegal, the devotion to their faith and religion. As soon as prayer time arrives it doesn’t matter where they are indoors or outside they will pray despite wherever they are. Another example is the photo I took below of these men casually playing Chess near my work. Something I would never see people doing in the UK, well not outside.


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