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Thursday, 29 May 2014

WIS: My weekend in Saint Louis

This post is a little overdue but here it is, a photo collection of my time in Saint Louis! I spent my last weekend in Saint Louis, Senegal which is located in the northwest of the country. I went with two friends I made and met in Dakar. It is 5 hours away from the capital and we took a coach there and back, a journey I will never do again in the space of a weekend. I wished I had spent longer than the weekend as I feel there was still so much to see of the town and in fact I had only seen a marginalized sector of the area also known as 'Ndar' in the native language Wolof.

We walked around the colourful coast which is famous for its fish and salt exporting. I immediately noticed the difference between the city life of Dakar and Saint Louis in terms of transportation. Here in S. Louis the taxi driver will fill the taxi with multiple passengers whereas the taxis in Dakar are rightfully, to yourself until you have reached your chosen destination. Also they use the horse and carriage mode of transport which I had not seen since I saw the chariots on my visit to Keur Katim, Koulack. As we walked through the old suburb I admired the faded and historic look of the houses alongside their distorted look. During my short stay I ate at Hotel Sindone. The food was great and the venue had indoor and outdoor seating however regardless of where we chose to sit and eat there was no escaping the mosquitos. We also swam at Hotel Mermoz which was refreshingly calm due to its location.

During our walk around the town the following day, we randomly visited a Dak'art exhibition called 'Meissa Fall'. This is where two artists had created a room filled with recycled features from mostly abandoned bikes. This was a captivating view as they cleverly compiled it on the surrounding walls alongside other souvenir figures made out of the same material. Saint Louis I am sorry I didn't come earlier in my stay but better late than never!

Hotel Mermoz


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