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Saturday, 28 June 2014

TE&LLs Recommends : To watch 'Zane Lowe meets Rick Rubin'

I had never heard of Rick Rubin before until recently, whilst I was in the car when I unfortunately only heard the beginning of something that sounded remarkably impressive for somebody to achieve the success they had. Zane Lowe's interview for BBC Radio 1 with the man himself. I said I had never heard of this man however, I had most definitely heard many of the great songs he plays major roles in. The New York born producer works with the likes of Jay Z, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Kanye West, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele the list really does go on.

I came across the same interview via BBC iplayer. I really recommend watching the explanatory 60 minute interview, as Zane questions Rick Rubin about his successful past with labels such as Def Jam and Warner Bros, alongside his present work with today's high riding artists. Throughout the film Rubin's at ease character and morals are highly commendable, in fact many of Mr Rubin's attributes and philosophy are ones we could also learn and apply in our day to day lives.

I think you have just over 2 weeks to still watch it on BBC IplayerEnjoy!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Try A New Holiday Destination

For the past two years I have spent part of my summer in the Spanish Island, Ibiza. Somewhere worth going to at least once in your life! I had two very different experiences but as much as I revel in it I thought I would give a few reason why I am not going back again this summer, also why you should never get too comfortable visiting the same destination. As much as you enjoy it (wherever your most visited place is). How will you ever discover a new place you could potentially enjoy even more?

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

I know a lot of people who go to the holiday resort every year, fair enough if its a family tradition or you don't necessarily have a say in the destination. However what is the point of going somewhere you have already seen multiple times?

2. Go somewhere less predictable.

Sometimes its easier and economical to travel places where you have family, or as mentioned above places you are familiar with. Why not go to somewhere you've always thought or researched about?

3. Try somewhere new.

Going somewhere new, is always exciting as you will meet new faces, new places.. new everything!

4. Get Cultured

What ever country you find yourself in, you are able to learn and embrace another culture which is always interesting.

5. Nothing Ventured nothing gained.

If you never try you will never know! (what's on the other side/ what another destination is like)


Saturday, 14 June 2014

My stop at the East End Thrift Store

I recently went to a thrift store in East London, my second attempt at charity shopping. Luckily for me this trip was successful. The double space sized room down a back alley opposite Genesis Cinema, consisted of old/vintage clothing including a numerous amount of denim items to choose from. The idea was to fill up your bag either a medium bag (£10) or bigger bag for £20 with as much goods as you could find, which kind of reminded me of that show Dale Winton used to present back in the 90's 'Supermarket Sweep', only we weren't under a time limit as such.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes!
G trying on baggy mom dungarees she found.

Initially when my friend who I went along with explained the concept to me I thought we had to buy our bag/s before seeing the garments so your hunt would be a lucky dip in the sense that you might find a heap load of items you like, or you might just have wasted a tenner on a plastic bag. However I was glad to learn that we could browse through the rails and fill up our bags before any purchases were made. On the far right a third of the space was sectioned off for the 'prestige' looking vintage items that had set prices. I left with my lace floral plastic bag full to the brim managing to fit inside two cardigans, two shirts and a top. Not bad at all for £10!

Its open 7 seven days a week, definitely worth checking out.

Denim overload


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sam Smith @ Camden Roundhouse 30/5/2014

We are only half way through the year but what an incredible 6 months it has been for Sam Smith, with No 1’s singles one after the other and his debut album ‘In the Lonely Hour’.  I first heard of Sam Smith around the same time most of us did, as his featured on Disclosure’s classic and debut single ‘Latch’ late 2012. A song I still find hard to get tired of. I remember when I first heard it on the radio, one of my first thoughts was who is the featuring artist? I had never heard any male UK artist sing with this kind of range before. With his distinct voice it was not hard to find him online. So my knowledge of Mr. Smith began from then.

Camden Roundhouse - before my camera battery died :(

Doors opened at 19:30, although Sam Smith later revealed via Twitter that he would not be making an appearance until 21:45. Most of the audience was less than pleased what could we do? We later learned the reason for the hold up was because Sam Smith was taking part in Britain’s first live TV advert for Google Play that would be aired during Channel 4’s Alan Carr’s Chatty Man. Which he revealed as his presence finally reached the stage. Sam also explained how he had a number of surprises for the sold out venue, which he really did! Sam commenced the evening with my favourite song from the EP that surprisingly didn’t make the album ‘Nirvana’. Another song he began the evening with was ‘Together’ a collaboration between Nile Rodgers, Jimmy Napes and Disclosure which has a old school summertime feel to it, before he sang his material from the album. I certainly took notice of the crowd when he performed ‘Lay me Down’ in particular as everyone in the venue all sang along shamelessly to pitches only real singers can reach to. I was in complete awe at the audience who sang throughout the show to all his new songs from the album that was only released on Monday! (4 days prior to the gig).  The La la la singer took me by surprise has I had already suspected the night would be mellow and even partly sad, after I had heard the album but it couldn’t have been more different. The evening was a genuinely enjoyable experience as he took lead on stage with the famous and easy two step and led the crowd dancing to the upbeat ‘Restart’ and  ‘Money on my mind’ which he successfully remixed with CeCe Peniston 90’s classic ‘Finally’.  Mixing contemporary music with sounds from the past is looking to become a trend (previous post on Sasha Keable’s gig).

Sam was very expressive about his first album, revealing how it is written about a situation he found himself in last year, where he was in love with someone who didn’t love him back. He then sang his personal favourite ‘Good Thing’ I remember this song in particular as the audience never took their eyes off Sam.
Soon after he effortlessly belted my favourite from the album ‘ I’ve told you know’ after explaining what I thought it was about after a few listens. How you can maybe say too much or reveal your true feelings once you’ve had a few drinks. With his band and three backing singers which included Vula Malinga (a singer and well known featuring artists for Bassment Jaxx).

During the night he sang ‘Leave your Lover’ with surprise guess Jessie Ware, who I had seen last year, so I already knew we were in for a treat as the two dual their voices in a beautiful duet as they stood side by side.  ‘The song I’m not the only one’ is another favourite of mine from the album which he sang as we swayed along listening to his angelic voice. Sam then sang the track which is fair to say made Sam Smith, ‘Latch’ but his own edition that is featured on the album, not so much the dance version we know but still just as good for easy listening. He performed one of his last songs for the night alongside one of the song’s producers and one half of Disclosure, Howard Lawrence who was on the keys as Sam sang harmoniously ‘Make it to me’, before ending the night with the popular single ‘Stay With Me’.  Overall the show was amazing the only way is up for this guy!

Sam Smith

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