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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Spitalfields Africa!

I recently went to the Old Spitalfields Market in London (near Liverpool Street Station) which was take-over by all things African inspired, as every stall had businesses and companies selling's different items and ideas from the motherland. There were a collections of clothing from different countries in West and South Africa. I saw trousers in alternative print and cloths from Ghana, organic tights from Kenya, African print textured cushions and other home decor as well as fashion garment and accessories, the list goes on! There was a wide range in prices throughout the market space, garments stalls were near enough similar in pricing and some stalls were even resembled in style. Saying that it was exciting to see all that was in surrounding me. The thought that I no longer have to wait until my next trip to Africa to get outfits made, it's already here in London.

*I have a minor confession, I have stupidly misplaced the business cards and contacts I collected on this day in order to mention them on this post. I will put them up as soon as I find them, hoverer in the meanwhile, if you recognise any of the following images below. Let me know and I will happily link the imagery to the brands website or social network. 

'Spitalfields Africa' takes places the last Saturday of every month. Check the Old Spitalfields Market website for more details. It goes without saying but this is most definitely a cheaper option for exotic travel and buying.

Chin Chin!

Fabric coated earrings

Prints from Ghana


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