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Saturday, 6 September 2014

BBC Proms: Late Night with Paloma Faith 05.09.2014

Friday night was different from my usual Fridays, as a friend and myself spontaneously decided to spent our Friday evening in the Royal Albert Hall at the BBC Proms with Paloma Faith and Guy Barker for one night only, as you do. I'm still trying to decide what my highlight of the night was, the whole show or the fact it only costs £5!? This was the first proms I had ever attended, Friday's show was the 65th show production of the BBC Proms 2014 which runs annually throughout the British summertime. On the day of each performance in the famous hall, 1,400 tickets are available to claim in the Standing arena or Gallery seating for just £5 aka 'Day Promming'. This does mean arriving at the venue at least two hours before hand in order to queue for your space inside. As much as I dislike queueing this was worthwhile and the queue itself could have been worse. The time flew by, especially when you got talking to others who were also "day promming". Once you were given a numbered ticket we were able to leave the queue (however there was a curfew of only 30 minutes out of the queue, not that they were overly strict about it). The evening itself was an experience to remember, as the audience members appreciate the sound of the 42 piece Orchestra alongside composer Guy Barker and Brit award nominated singer/songwriter Paloma Faith.

Before Paloma graced the stage in a dazzling white fitted stone embellished dress, UV Collective entered the the stage smartly and attractively dressed in monochrome attire, Prom style. As the spokesman welcomed them and the musicians soon after welcoming Guy Barker before Faith's backing singers smoothly made their presence known, as the three girls gently jived to the beat of the orchestra's intro. Paloma sang the songs from her most recent and highly acclaimed album ' A perfect Contradiction' including a few of her previous hits and even performed a melody of legendary Jazz songs that inspire the singer, including the most magnificent duet I have ever witnessed with soul singer Ty Taylor as they belted Etta James's 'I'd rather go blind'. Paloma opened the show with the upbeat tune 'Mouth to mouth' followed by 'Take me' and my favourite song on the album ' Only Love Can Hurt Like This' written by Dianne Warren. Everyone was sooner or later on their feet dancing the night away . What is certain is that was the best £5 I have spent in a while and probably the only fiver I will ever get the opportunity to enjoy a night of quality music with.The truth is no need I say no more, as the whole show was recorded for BBC4. You can also watch it on BBC iplayer and be a judge for yourself!


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