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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thanks to 2014...

Its been a while since I last posted, as I've been trying to get back into the swing of university, I've also been working so I haven't had much free time this month. I hope your Christmas was filled with the same fun and laughter as mine was.

2014 has been amazing year, most of all an eye opener, as I was fortunate enough to do some travelling throughout the year. Here is a list of some things I am grateful for learning about in the year 2014. A year I definitely won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Happy New Year in advance everybody.

THANKS TO 2014...

* I learnt a new language - I spent half the year in Dakar, Senegal where I did my work placement. I had never learnt French before so this was more than a challenge. Its still not up to scratch but its a lot more than what I did know at the beginning of the year. Merci beaucoup to my teachers!

* I'm not afraid to do it alone - Don't wait for permission or confirmation from anybody. Trust your gut feelings and learn not to doubt yourself all the time. 

* I've made new friends from all over the world - It is daunting going abroad alone, however I wasn't alone for long as I eventually met more people. 

* I concluded that the London Underground is fantastic! -  and I will never ever complain about it again after experiencing the New York Subway

I learnt how to Salsa dance - This became my extra curricular when I was in Dakar as on of my colleages taught the classes!

* We are so fortunate - I am lucky to have English as my first language. During my time at Exit Festival (the biggest european festival) I met different nationalities of people and everyone's common ground was English. Growing up in the UK we do not have the same pressure to learn an additional language the same way other nationalities must do to learn English for example.

* I've met some really talented people - In both Africa and America, from graphic designers, illustrators to jewellery makers, I think Mia and Aaron will agree with me on this that their grind/stories were very inspiring.

* I've gained so much experience in my field - Many thanks to Atelier d'architecture Reda Sliemen and Atmos Studio.

* Nothing could have prepare for my final year I have ahead - Class of 2015

The importance of saving! - Pay yourself first.

* I learnt not to be a consumer (of everything, clothes mostly) - I think many factors have a part to play in this, but first and mostly it was travelling. I packed so much to Senegal, so much that I didn't even wear everything. Then during the summer when I camped for the Exit Festival I lived out of one bag. That put it all in perspective for me.

* I learnt how to knit - Everything is on Youtube these days!!

* I travelled to places I had never been to before. - Senegal, Serbia, Montenegro, New York and France. I didn't even plan to travel this year, it almost fell into place. Festival abroad, my placement was abroad and my birthday was on a weekend = Paris!

* I tried new things - A lot of new food. I also went to the BBC Proms for the first time during the end of summer.

* I camped abroad! At the Exit festival we camped in Novi Sad, Serbia for the week. before camping in  Budva, Montenegro for 3 days.

* French guys - It doesn't matter what race, height, occupation they are, all Parisian men are extremely good looking. (from what I saw anyway..)

* I learnt there are kind hearted people in the world! - Firstly my Senegalese family I will be forever grateful and never forget the way they looked after me. Secondly thank you so much to the person who handed in my purse I lost last week! 

* I am now a patient person - I am pretty impatient but have learnt that good things take time and patience. I also reflect and remember how patient my colleages and teachers were with me when I was learning the language and software programmes.

* I am a lot wiser than I was a year ago.. 

2014 I wouldn't change a thing.
Bring on 2015!!

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