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Monday, 3 August 2015

2015 Serpentine Pavilion by Selgascano

Lask week after viewing Alexander Mcqueen's 'Savage Beauty' exhibition at London's V&A museum I thought it was only right to go and view this year's Pavillion by Spanish Architects 'Selgascano at the Serpentine Gallery. During the arrival I was quick to notice the vibrant colours, how could you not. I instantly made the association of all of these bright almost fluorescent looking colours being that the pavillion was going to involve games or physical interactions on some sort within the pavillion (an adult park! = my dream!) but it was not that all, in fact it was very much for opposite with very minimal activity happening. I was quite disappointed.

Whenever I do not instantly warm towards something, I find the reason I feel this way is because I do not understand the concept or complexity of what one has created. It's these initial thoughts that make me notice and focus on the detail and formation. After I made my way out of the pavilion because I couldn't bear the temperature as the sun shined upon the plastic roofing, I made a wonderful analysis from its exterior sitting on one of the many patches green surrounding the pavilion. Despite the use of materiality not corresponding greatly with the current climate, the translucent plastics that are wrapped around the structures gives you a preview of the interior before you have even entered it. The outer structural frames differs from the interior structures as they frames curve for the arched effect. From my view of the outside of the Pavilion I noticed the variation and levels in the flooring, the floor painted in a statement white with the tapered plastics strips reflecting the same pattern in a shadow form on the floor. I appreciated the design from the outside looking in i guess. This way of experiencing the pavilion would not have been possible without the material I only a few minutes ago could not possibly understand why they used. The experimentation of plastic is beyond commendable, I had never seen anything like it. The use of colour also created a pleasant atmosphere which only complimented the summer weather as different people and ages huddle around the vibrant structure.

This Pavilion is ground breaking not only within its use of materiality, however left with two opinions it challenged my thoughts as a designer. Previous Pavilion's such as Sou Fujimoto's I intently conned with and admired, whereas this year's pavilion it took some time for me to understand and appreciate.

 I was only inside for a couple of minutes as  the heat upon the plastic material the dome structure made out of, made the interior unbearably humid. The materiality used is not the best for Britain's unpredictable weather. I would suggest that you visit the pavilion during the evening hours to get the full essence of the design whilst the temperature is cooler.

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