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Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Brutalist Playground

The Brutalists Playground is an installation meets playground at RIBA, London. The installation that was inspired by former abstract play spaces that used to be situated in London's post-war housing estates, currently acts as a communal space for all ages. All elements of the playground have been created at a 1.1 scale, for different audiences to interact and engage with the scene that we recognise to be outdoors. Assemble and artist Simon Terrill have recreated a time when these playgrounds were places to play whilst giving 'free reign to the imagination' of kids. The use of pastel colours complemented the installation alongside the soft foam material used to create the structures. A suitable contrast to the playgrounds the installation was inspired by such as the Churchill Gardens Estate, that were made out or more permanent materials such as concrete. What I found notable about this installation/playground was the idea of re-imagining history, creating a contemporary narrative and redeeming the work of 'brutalist' playgrounds that were in the 70's once labelled unsuitable for play. A preview of how they could be applied today.

The Brutalist Playground closes on the 16th August 2015

Churchill Gardens estate - Pimlico, London 1978

The Brutalist Playground closes on the 16th August 2015

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