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Friday, 4 September 2015

The pink secret is out! The secrets to a great album

I couldn’t help but notice the 4 albums that I can’t stop listening to of late all have very similar and simple yet captivating graphic on their album artwork. 'The front self portrait, white font with a hint of pink backdrop style'. And that is the secret to a great album people! (alongside some talent and excellent songwriting.)

1. Lianne La Havas  - Blood

 Favourite Songs on the album: Green& Gold + Unstoppable + Tokyo

Perfect Album for:  Easy listening, I like to have it on whilst I drive.

2. Emily King – The Switch

Favourite Songs on the album: Sleepwalker + Out of the Clouds

Perfect Album for:  After a long day at work and you just wanna chill!

3.  Dornik – Self titled

Favourites Song on the album: Something About You + Drive

Perfect Album for:  Studying/ in the background whilst doing cleaning your house or doing other tasks.

 4. Jess Glynne – I Cry When I Laugh

   Favourite Songs on the album: Gaveme something + Ain’t got for to go

Perfect Album for:  I don’t work out at the gym, but I can imagine it being a good motivation album to run/ work out to.

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