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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Sky Garden

Over the weekend I made a visit to The Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street, London. Designed to be a unique space for the public to experience London's highest Garden. I try not to have expectations of these kind of installations. But with the internet only fingertips away, its hard not too.The venue has got picture worthy settings, other than that, I felt that there was not much to report on, I felt like something was missing.

The Sky Garden is suppose to unveil 'one of the best views of an uninterrupted London'. The view is impressive, I wouldn't say one of the best though. As for the experience, I am still trying to reflect on what that was exactly. From the time you make your reservation to visit the Sky Garden you are made aware that you have a one hour time frame up on the 35th floor. Understandably I learnt, as what else are you expected to do up there? To be honest I was bored after half of the hour time slot, thank God I was in good company to see through the whole hour. There are no activities for the public to engage in other than to read the label features that explain the different plants featured in the Sky garden (which you could probably do in specialising museums or even Google) and dine on overpriced nibbles. 

Although there was plenty of space for the public to integrate through, the venue still managed to feel claustrophobic to me, maybe because the scenario reminded me of passengers waiting for a delayed plane in the departure lounge of an airport. The design of the The Sky Garden spans across 3 layering floors with the garden surrounding either side of the built in the Darwin restaurant which hovers above the entrance giving diners at the restaurant an increased view of London…so you would think a better overview of the city. All that being said! The cocktails were tasty, standard London prices. I think the Sky Garden is somewhere worth visiting to make your own judgment, and maybe appreciate the experience more than I did. Perhaps its better during the evening/night viewings, perhaps not. I would loved to hear about the experience of someone who has dined there? 

Overall I just think the money spent on the design of this could have been better spent elsewhere.


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