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Monday, 30 November 2015

When In China Part 1: Guangzhou & Beijing

I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to write this post, I took procrastination to another level with this one that I won’t even mention the month I went to China. It was this year though during the summer (I know not even this season – I’m terrible).This was my first time going to Asia. I visited Beijing for four days and Ghanzhou for three days with the family. I was thinking to do this post in a compare and contrast style of both cities I visited. However, I don't think I can do it justice as it was a very short trip, and I'm sure I saw a marginal fraction of what both cities had to offer. For that reason I would love to go again and to possibly visit other neighbouring cities.

I have a cousin who lives and studies in Wenzhou which is a two hour flight journey from Guangzhou, so it was great to see her. Ghanzhou is a three hour and twenty minute plane journey from China's capital Beijing. I want to say I enjoyed Guangzhou more than Bejing but I did more activities in Guangzhou than Bejing, well GZ definitely saw more of my Renminbi that is for sure! I guess that is the beauty of travelling somewhere where you know somebody who lives and speaks the local language. 

Here is a photo diary of my time in China, let me know your thoughts/ suggestion of where I should visit next time round. Enjoy!

Rainy and humid Guangzhou

Market, Guangzhou

On the top bunk of the bullet train

From Guangzhou to Bejing - my sister and mother

Grandma's House in Guanghou

Great Wall of China


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Renegade Craft Fair - London

Over the weekend I went to the Renegade Craft fair at the Old Truman Brewery. I hadn't been to the Old Truman since the Summer during the last of all the university showdowns like the Degree Show and Interior Educators etc. It was nice to be back, for a different cause. The Renegade Craft fair is a platform for skilful and creative individuals to showcased their handmade products and businesses. From jewellery makers to illustrators, there were a lot of impressive goods! This was my first time at the event, (my first time even hearing about it also.) and what good timing as I got much needed inspiration and ideas for Christmas gifts and my own Christmas list. In this post I have featured my favourite items I came across at the fair. Maybe you will like them too/ or know somebody who will.

Natalie Lea Owen: I was initially drawn to Natalie's stand by her consistent use of 3 colours, that you couldn't miss! Natalie Lea Owen explained how most of her drawings are from her everyday journeys. My favourite is the illustrated cushion!

Jenny Sibthorp: Ever since I discovered screen printing in secondary school, I've never been able to get away! Jenny screen prints different patterns/ and the occasional fruits onto various materials from leather to linen. I loved the lemon on green leather coin purse so much I had to get it.

Jen Cogliantry: How cool are these dyed wool cuffs!? (pictured below). All of there accessories look so snug, and winter season. Jen creates accessories inspired by natural patterns using the finest material. All of the pieces are handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York where they are based. However, fear not! We can order online.

Hechizo: Hechizo are a Brooklyn based company who use a variety of materials, a combination of metals. ceramics and textiles to create these Goddess meets Bohemian earrings. I love how the earrings range in tassel sizes from small to medium. For those of us who are not brave enough to pull off the fuller and long tassels.

East Wick:  East Wick make all of the candles and melt bars in their East London studio, using Soy Wax. They have a wide range of scented candles to choose from. My favourite scent was the Coconut & Sweet Pea.. it smelt soo good!

Laura Gee: There was something captivating about Laura's stand, I stood there for a ages not only admiring her painting but her many petite clay sculptures  I think it was use of pastel colours, and the creative ombre's she has created using arcyrilic.

Some other really talented people you should check out:

Luke Adam Hawker: An amazing artist who uses his time waiting for the public transport, better than most people. They put pots of plants in cool hanging cages, they might be just the home accessory you have been looking for..
Kangan Arora: My best friend loves everything on this site. If you are into home decor and bloc colours, I'm sure you will too.

More Jewellery..
Kilda Meadows: If you are looking for some subtle yet statement jewellery. Kilda Meadows has loads!
Saints of Bohemia: Handmade stirling Silver, what more could you ask for?
Materiarica: See for yourselves how gorgeous these art deco inspired gems are!

For more and the latest blog posts keep it touch! 



Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Another Year Older..

It was my birthday on the 1st, I celebrated with two of my friends who organised the whole day to my surprise. I was very appreciative that they took the day into their hands, there is nothing I find more of a nuisance than planning your birthday/ the activity or occasion alongside the day you were born how many years ago, it is all so long. I understand why some people choose not to celebrate it as it is just another day. That being said I am glad I celebrated it! The one thing I did plan was to go the Chanel exhibition at the Saatchi Galllery, that was before we arrived to see the ridiculous 2 hour or more wait of a queue outside the gallery. ( Typical, the one thing I scheduled in for the day. Didn't go to plan). We strolled around Westminster, before walking through the Horse Guard Parade and I became pals with one of the displays horses (pictured above). My friends surprised me with a meal and some great cake at Franco Manca, where other friends from university also came and joined in the birthday celebrations. To end the evening I had one more surprise in store. Rushing to finish our pizza and cake at Franco Manca we rushed into an Uber to the South Bank just in time for… La Soirée! A circus show filled with laughter. I'm so grateful to my two friends who organised the day. Lots of love to you both!!

"A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy."  - Abhishek Bachchan

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