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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Back at home I am very much used to travelling alone and going about my own business like many Londoners. But for some reason it struck me when I arrived in Freetown, that I was alone and I actually missed having my sister by my side.  Previously when I have visiting Sierra Leone, I usually go with my sister and cousins making an occasion out of it during the Christmas period. I must admit that I did feel a little lost without them to begin with.

Despite feeling this way at the start, travelling alone does have its benefits. For example I found that I have more time. Usually the bigger the entourage the more precious time you waste from waiting for everyone get ready before leaving the house, to then deciding and then agreeing on where you are all going. Another benefit is that it is your call and your call only! There is no need to check or agree if everyone is ok with doing the activity you have chosen when it is only yourself. Travelling alone also allows you to have the time to think and reflect on on the journey so far. However if you really are not enjoying the idea of travelling solo I guess you will always meet new people, once you speak with them.

Here is a recap on the benefits I have found from travelling solo.

  • Just a little more time.
  • It’s all on you.
  • Reflection.
  • Meet new people.

Dress tailored and made in Sierra Leone.
Shoes: Zara

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