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Friday, 26 February 2016

Yasmin Recommends 002: The 'Strolling Series' by Cecille Emeke

I discovered the Strolling Series by Cecile Emeke about a year ago, and one year on I still go and re visit these same videos I have now watched multiple times. I love the content and the idea of  ‘connecting scattered and untold stories of the black diaspora’. In the space of 15 minutes or less, Emeke manages to powerfully portray the life of a young black person as they discuss their life experiences and views of the world. I found the series to be very insightful especially if I’m travelling or considering visiting a particular country that is covered. I look forward to see more of the strolling series and where in the world the next episode is based.
– I love that element of surprise.

Keep up the great work Cecile!

I have listed my four favourites below. Check out more on the site.


1     1. Kevin Mirosky UK

2    2. Vanessa UK

3. Abraham UK

4. Fanta FR

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