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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Portugal: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

 I went back to the UK for the first time this year during the Easter period (I’ve recently relocated to Dakar, Senegal in West Africa).  Earlier this month I had a quick stop in Lisbon, Portugal, as it was my transit stop before taking the second flight back to Dakar. I left the airport and strolled around Portugal with a friend of a friend who generously spent her Sunday afternoon with me showing me the best spots. Bearing in mind I was only there for 8 hours I think we did a lot. (Thanks again Isabel!) After spending lunch and the early afternoon in Lisbon, we drove to the calm small town of Sintra where we drank and ate pastries at the ever so crowded Casa Pirquita.  This café is clearly the place to be as a local on a Sunday afternoon, I got that vibe I then understood why after scoffing my face with two Travesseiros’ and a Quelijadas. If you love cakes and all that sweet stuff then it is definitely somewhere to go in Sintra as they sell every traditional Portuguese pastry you could possibly think of.

I’m glad I left the airport instead of waiting around for my next flight which was later that evening. It was as if I was supposed to leave the airport because I began to contemplate and overthink my choices on the plane from London before arriving at Aeroporto de Lisboa. All sorts’ doubts started to enter my mind about my life choices, my impulsive decision to leave home, going alone, leaving family and friends etc. However what I had seen in Portugal left an impression on me in a way I hope I can explain.  These grand thresholds only reassured me about my recent yet hasty decisions. Any essence of doubt had vanished from my mind by the time I returned to the airport later that evening. The one that is still vivid in my mind are the stairs that lead to nowhere opposite the ESCS – School of communication and Mass Studies. I looked back at the images after taking them and I thought if they could speak they would say the title of this post.

There is a running theme with the photos I have captured. I don’t know if I necessarily noticed this whilst taking them, however when I had another glance it is apparent that these structures have many things in common. As they stand solo and from a distance, a million miles from anything such as comfort with no real designated path after climbing the stairs or walking through the arch. Looking out towards the unknown. Which is not always a bad, as it seems. 

 Its up to us as individuals to craft and build the life we wish to live, and as scary as each step can be its best to go along with what you desire.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

For more and the latest blog posts keep it touch! 


For more and the latest blog posts keep it touch! 



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