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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Hello MAY!

I cannot believe that we are already into the fifth month of the year, however that being said I’m glad we are as May has traditionally been one of my favourite months of the year. The first of May in the UK is the start of the British Spring, good weather, good vibes, bank holidays followed by the most anticipated season of the year… Summer! Not to forget May Day and International Workers Day that coincide also with the beginning of this month.

Fortunately enough I have not needed to wait for the good weather now that I am in Dakar, but I have been waiting for May to arrive as its going to be non stop with activities. The Dak’art Biennale and Suba Biennale take place just in a matter of days now. Exhibitions and performances in abundance will takeover the vibrant streets of Dakar. Not to mention The Saint Louis Jazz Festival that happens from the 11th to the 16th May.

A new month is always a great chance to start a fresh and set goals. I’ve decided that is what I’ll try and do from now on (because weekly ones are just not working out for me).  I liked the idea of The ‘Monthly merits’ as she reflects on different moments of the previous month. I’m not one to reflect I already do that in my diary, however I really liked this idea and thought I would try something similar or the reverse by setting three goals I hope to achieve during the month of May.  I’ve chosen three because I think it’s the most realistic amount when creating any kind of lists. Not mention my favourite number also. Here are my three:

1.To Document the Biennale.

The Suba Biennale known as ‘Salon International d’Art Contemporain’ which takes places at the Centre International de Conférences de Diamniadio this year is a collaboration of emerging artists and talents from across the world showcasing and sharing there gift with many. Both Suba and Dak’art Biennale takes place every two years here in Dakar, Senegal.  I plan you document the events here on Yasmin Tells.

2.To film something of my day everyday.

I got the idea from ­­Being Erin the film concept of ‘one second every day'. To record a matter of seconds of your day and by the end of the month montage all of these seconds together and voila! You have memory sidewheel of your month, moments are most often cherished once they become memories and I think having a two minute clip to look back at what you did in the month of May 2016 will be much more appreciated when you watched it back in two years time. It’s so simple and so quick to do I thought why not try it. Especially with apps like Snapchat highly in use we are all pretty much doing it already.

3.To visit Ngor Island.

Ngor Island is located north of the peninsula, near the airport, in an area away from the capital, Dakar. I’ve heard so much about the art in this place, I think its easy to stay in the city and therefore I will be  making the conscious effort to explore other regions of Senegal. Back in 2014 I visited Koulack and Goree Island.

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