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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Structure by OUSMANE MBAYE

Earlier this month I went to the opening of the Suba Biennale where I briefly met Ousmane Mbaye. He is a Senegalese product designer, known for his rustic and recycled Graphik creations. During our short encounter he mentioned another show he would be displaying more of his work at in Senegal's capital city, Dakar. A show I am glad I went to as it was worthwhile!

Designers and photographers showcased their work at the ‘structure’ themed exhibition, from what I understand both the work of Ousmane and textile designer Johana Bramble where the physical aesthetics of the exhibition demonstrating structure, alongside captivating portrait photography by Alun Be and Hai Chams who successfully portray different aspect of the theme.  The photography  looked at structure in education, economy, communities and families, the invisible structure or shall I say the non-physical.

The work of Ousmane Mbaye varies from an oversized outlined chair to modern deco coffee tables. A number of his creations floated in the exhibited room as they stand on barely anything, just the metal frame carefully covered in white giving each item a old porcelain effect.  I enjoyed the exhibition and the idea of intertwining art, design and photography through a common ground.  The exhibition was informative as artistic director and creator of the exhibition Nicolas Kerroux talks about his role in assisting and bringing the ideas and vision of Mbaye’s to life. 

At the far end of the exhibition space lined up on a miniature podium were all of the chairs that Mbaye has designed since 2005 to the present day. This was my favorite part of the show as you see the growth and evolution of his designs meanwhile each chair continues to carry individual characteristics. Regardless of the playful structure of his designs they serve a fundamental function and purpose for any interior of exterior setting.

Photos by Yasmin Tells.

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