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Saturday, 21 May 2016


At this year’s 12th edition of the Dak’art Biennale, I came across the work of Nigerian visual artist Victor Ehikhamenor. He has created an installation piece named ‘The Prayer room”. The Dak'art Biennale showcases African contemporary art with a various selection of artist from all around the globe.  The prayer  room is covered from the ceiling to the floor in a white cryptic style design at a first glance the work resembles the graphics of graffiti, however this is an entire room camouflaged in what could possibly be writing or code giving the space a storytelling essence, the idea of a million of thoughts, praise and questions that occur in prayer. Interior objects hung on each wall, abstract cut motif prayer mats on three of four walls and a circled mirror hung on the fourth.

 Victor explains to Brittle Paper the thought process behind his work as "The Prayer Room is a space where people can come and feel art almost physically, be calm and spend some time to reflect, hence the mirror as part of the installation."

I had never come across Ehikamenor’s work before this, as I look at his other work its evident that he has a continuation style, with intricate detailing in every creation. His work varies from drawings to photography, not to mention also a writer. To find other peoples photos of the experience in The Prayer Room search Victor Ehikhamenor on Instagram.

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