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Monday, 11 July 2016


I recently came across the work of Nigerian visual artist Fred Martins. 'Orange, black and Freedom' is his latest project.

As you can probably see, these are not your ordinary combs. Martin has illustrated incredibly detailed side profiles of historical influencers such as the late Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Fela Kuti, Marcus Garvey and more.  I love the concept and the thought of paying tribute to the people of paved the way with civil rights.

Martin uses a distinctful toned orange as the default background for his work. The colour is associated with incarsearation, as most of the activists he has referred to in his prints faced jail time at a point of time during their fight for equality. With the recent shootings that have happened in the the US in the past week, ay these prints by Fred Martins be a reminder that as human beings of the world regardless of background, ethnicity, age, gender etc. We MUST unite and stand against any form of injustice. 

For more work by Fred Martins check out his Facebook page.

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