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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Croatian Diaries: ROVINJ

This time last month I was spending my last day in Croatia. We made our way to Rovinj via coach after Exit Festival. Rovinj was the last destination of our mini Croatia tour. Despite the coach breaking down en route to the Istrian ville, the distance from Stinjan, Pula to Rovinj took just over an hour. Rovinj is a city situated on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula.

I was only there for two days before making my way back to the UK. I then returned to Dakar, Senegal a few days after. In these two days I didn’t take part in any excursions I just walked around the town and visited the Church of Saint Euphemia to see what Rovinj had to offer. Our room was located in between the hustle and bustle of many tourist shops, not to mention the food markets of Rovinj where plenty generous doses of samples of every fruit you can imagine are offered. During my time in Rovinj I discovered my love for figs (actually I had previously discovered this in Split) I just self indulged in them this time round. Figs for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I don’t know what it is other than the size difference. Croatian figs taste like no other. Enough about figs...

We ate at an Italian restaurant on the day of our arrival.  Prior to that I had heard multiple people speaking Italian weary of the fact that Venice is only a matter of three hours away. Little did I know that Rovinj was once part of Venetian Empire and was a part of Italy before World War II. That explained the bilingual nature of the city as most locals spoke Croatian or Italian, if not both. 

Without a doubt Rovinj was the most vibrant in design region we had visited throughout the trip.  As each characterized town house were situated as front drops for the continuous and crossing pathways within the interior, behind these buildings.  The setting and materials were very similar to Split, but more intensified and derelict in Rovinj.

 Rovinj was an ideal end to our Croatian adventures, however I was glad that I wasn’t there any longer than two days. Sometimes it can get rather annoying people staring at you like you’re an alien from out of space. It is fair to say I was definitely the only black female in the center of Rovinj, from what I saw anyway. That didn’t at all bother me, those settings occur all the time (well not so much now that I’m based in Senegal) at school for example. However when people are constantly staring at you, and in some cases even pointing at you, it does get frustrating.  It reminded me a little of my experience in China but not quite at the same scale. I was considering not mentioning it, but I thought it is best to keep it real, the travel perspective from a young black female. I don't think this should stop anyone from travelling or going to places where you will be in the minority.

Apart from that, I enjoyed Rovinj and if I was there any longer I would have loved to have taken part in the rock climbing excursions. One of my friends did a diving course for the day. I believe there are many sorts of activities to do in Rovinj. This is the end of my four part Croatian Diaries, I hope you enjoyed it. Check out my previous Croatian Diaries post on my time in Dubrovnik, Split and Pula.

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