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Thursday, 27 October 2016


I have been meaning to post about my new favourite place to visit on a Thursday. That is Marché Jeudi based in the vibrant cartier known as Ouakam in Dakar, Senegal (on the same road as the bakery Brioche Doree). The market takes place every Thursday in the area that the local buses usually reside however these buses sure know to make themselves scarce when Jeudi arrives.

You can find anything and everything at this market; I will never forget how overwhelmed I was the very first time I went. From shoes to jeans to bags there is everything for everyone.  The vast majority of items I am guessing are second hand. Think of London’s vintage charity shops meets a grand car boot sale and that’s the image of Marche Jeudi.

I will try and include some images of the venue within my next post of what I find. I like to see the transition of the market, from the early hours of setting up to the late evening where this region of Ouakam is almost unrecognizable!

This month I found a long strapped ‘JOOP’ sac, which is now by new weekend favourite! I love that I can wear it either as a backpack or under my shoulder. It has come in handy of late. Before that I found a pair of beautiful black leather flat mules. Now this find was very unexpected as I hadn’t been searching for it but as I found them it made me so glad that I never bought the mules I saw during my most recent trip back home to the UK, when these ones I found here at Marche J cost me a fraction of the price of the same style I had seen prior in the UK. They are so comfortable and durable to wear any day of the week.

The dialogue mainly spoken within the marché between the sellers and customers is Wolof (of course) however many speak French also.

It’s all well and good sharing what I find, however I know not all of us have access to Marche Jeudi at the front of our doorstep. Therefore I will try my hardest to find the same style/replicas of my purchases online for those who like the items.

Thanks for reading the first Marche Jeudi post. I will do this each month/ whichever month I buy items from here.

Marche Jeudi Crash Course: Purple highlight is Wolof

1           1.  Greet the seller with either Bonjour/ Bonsoir/ Nanga Def?
                  (you are better reciprocated if you speak Wolof  I find)

       2. Ask how much the item is. C’est combien? Niata la?

       3. Walahi! (Haggle! To a price that suits you)

Photos by Bizenga Photography

Sac: Joop bag 2500 CFA
Mules: Black Leather 2000 CFA

Here are some lookalike items, if you are interested.

For more and the latest blog posts keep it touch! 


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