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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

DAKAR STREET STYLE: African Renaissance Monument

I recently took to the streets of Dakar with fellow blogger Moira of Palm Tree Tea to snap some of Dakar’s best dressed citizens.

The style in Dakar is like no other I have ever seen, from the vibrant mixing and matching of colours, to the statement motifs not to mention the cool tunic and trousers combination. It is difficult to see someone who is poorly dressed as they take a lot pride in their appearance. Not to mention my favourite day of the week – Vendredi/Friday! Also known as the day of prayer in Islam, when everyone comes out in what I like to refer to as their ‘Sunday best’.

Senegal’s population is predominantly Muslim, most people believe in dressing moderately and being dignified by not showing too much skin. This is both part of their religion and culture,neither of which is a barrier when it comes to expressing their style.

The greatest amount of attention is paid to details; for example from the material or print they have chosen, to the cut of a sleeve they have demanded, the embroidery of the neckline or the embellishment of a head scarf. All of these elements are carefully chosen.

I’ve enjoyed giving you an insight into the world that inspires me on a daily basis. A world where the infusion of gender, religion, and culture influences the individual but doesn’t define them. They always remain elegant, vibrant and inimitable.

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Sunday, 6 November 2016


It was my birthday on the 1st of this month; I had a fun time with some friends as we spent the day at Lac Rose. However that being said in hindsight I would have left to go there in the morning in order to make the most of the whole day. A group of us went quad biking, more photos of the action on my Instagram. I would definitely recommend doing it.  

Seeing as it is Scorpio season when is a better time to do a little self-reflection?

Another year older and another year wiser, well so they say. I believe it is so easy to become daunted by birthdays the older you get. It seems like the perfect time to complain or even over analyze where you are at this current moment in your life. Or where you are not. What you thought you would have achieved by a certain age etc. I said those very same words over the phone to a relative on who called on my birthday. ‘I thought I would have done this by now’. They responded and said there is no need to benchmark anything. You can still achieve what you want to achieve.

I sometimes get caught up in timeframes that I have placed upon myself. Forgetting that everything doesn’t always go to plan or learning a new skill can sometimes take longer than anticipated. It’s a good idea to set targets but I need to remember I can continue to pursue the goal outside of the benchmark if need be. I’ve decided that rather than grumble at what I have not done, I’m going to use birthdays to reflect on what I have gained in terms of knowledge and experiences I have been enriched with throughout a milestone I have been fortunate enough to see.

Year of 24/ notes to myself:

- Enjoy it.
- Seize all opportunities without overthinking.

Here are some shots of my ‘birthday suit’ (or shall I say playsuit) that was tailored for me by Anne de la V.

Photos by Bizenga Photography

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