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Thursday, 29 December 2016


I was thinking about the year as you do near the end of one. I thought why not put some of my phone pictures to use and create a collection of my favourite moments throughout the twelve months. I'm grateful I have been able to see it through another year, 2016 thank you for the ups and downs. 

Bring on 2017!

JANUARY/JANVIER - Decision making. The month I decided I would stick to my word and return to Dakar!

FEBUARY/FÉVRIER - Parc de Hann Zoo. I'll never forget her swings! 

MARCH/MARS - Home for Easter. My first trip back to the UK since 2015. It was great to spend the Easter with my family and friends back home.

APRIL/AVRIL - Touring Sintra. I had a 7 hour overlay for my connecting flight back to Dakar. I used the time to explore parts of Lisbon and Sintra. Here is the aftermath of me completely failing at a jump shot.

MAY/MAI - The Dak'art Biennale. The Biennale made my May, there were so many expositions and performances to see all within the month of May. From installations to video mapping etc.

JUNE/JUIN - Plants, plants and more plants. I was working on the landscape design proposal for a hotel in Dakar and although the editing process was a drag at times, it was interesting.

JULY/JULLIET - The weekend lunch feasts at the beach (Mamelles). Fresh food, tea and good company, what more could you possibly ask for?

AUGUST/AOUT- Ma jumelle. – Have you ever met somebody and almost not believe how alike you both are? It's hard to believe we were ever strangers! Adia also blogs at Afropolitan's Trips.

SEPTEMBER/SEPTEMBRE - Outlook Festival.After a year of planning our trip the date had arrived! It was great to get an insight of different regions of Croatia along the way. Check out my Croatian Diaries series for more.

OCTOBER/OCTOBRÉ - A Seat At The Table, by Solange. The only album I've listened to from the beginning to end all year.

NOVEMBER/NOVEMBRÉ - All Saint's Day. Unlike most years, I actually made plans for my birthday (Quad biking at Lac Rose) and it was pretty successful! Maybe I should celebrate my birthday more often..

DECEMBER/DECEMBRÉ - Reunited! I guess it is only right to finish the year in the same location I started in. It’s been lovely spending the festive season near loved ones here in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

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