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Saturday, 15 April 2017


Photo by Toby Wills-Hart

Last weekend I went to the Tate Modern Museum, I wasn’t going to go as I was fully aware that I had made a visit two months ago, meaning that a lot of the same work and exhibitions would still be on show, which they were. But I was in the area and I thought why not. As my friend and I were leaving we were greeted by a heap of misty smoke. Which initially left me feeling disorientated to say the least. I guess that’s because I wasn’t expecting it.

Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has dominated the entrance of the Switch House  creating a Hama tan of fog; something I never knew could possibly be sculpted until then. Regardless of Nakayo being one of the world’s leading fog sculptors she presents her first fog sculptor here in London on the terrace of the Tate Modern.

On the slightly raised terrace within a semi circle frame carefully instructed and designed nozzles release pure water vapors at different density’s from 10am to 10pm throughout the week interacting with the public whether they like it or not.

I had never come across this artist before, however I have now taken the time to look at some of her previous work, which is impressive.

I’m not going to lie I was hesitate to enter and indulge into the space of nowhere, knowing full well that the moisture of the installation would only intensify the shrinkage of my natural hair. To be honest that crossed my mind for perhaps 30 seconds before reminding myself that moister on your Afro never hurt anybody. It’s all these conditions you have to relearn when growing out your hair naturally, but I’ll save this for another post.

Nevertheless what I will also mention in this post, is my outfit. I’m not one to do the literal colour-matching ensemble but other than the two items being the same olive dirt green colour. Lets just take a moment and appreciate the combination of my jumpsuit and my brother’s jacket!? It was marriage meant to be…

Me having a 'Stars In Their Eyes' moment.

Not that I needed the jacket for too long that day, as it was sunny 20 something degrees that day. Even better news, both items are Primark finds.

Overall I enjoyed the installation; there is something about it not always being visible and having  that surprise element once its active that I really like. Check it out whilst its still there or else you can always check out other user experiences with Nakayo’s work on Instagram.

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