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Sunday, 9 July 2017


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I recently watched a play at the National Theatre called The Barbershop Chronicles which was incredible! I definitely recommend seeing it if you are anything like me and enjoy watching the logistics amongst the props and the actors when a performance is set in the round.

Anyway onto the topic of the post! Both journeys on my way and leaving the theatre I saw a number of luminous orange seats scattered around the South Bank terrace by the River Thames.

Danish sculptor Jeppe Hein is the designer responsible for the ‘Modified Social Benches’ spaced out near Waterloo Station. The seats have previously been seen in other parts of the world. Last year Hein unveiled 16 sculptural benches for the outdoor exhibition 'Please Touch the Art' throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC. The Modied Social Benches are also currently on display in Lemvig Havn, Denmark.

The benches may not relate to its scenery or allocated setting however I think that is what I like about them,  they are bold and unapologetic (here I go again talking about furniture, as if they are humans). I also enjoy the playful element in both its form and attraction. I automatically associate the florescent orange with children's channel Nickelodeon not to mention the apparatus structure which brings back a young self nostalgia of the playgrounds. Jeppe has succeeded in a piece that both adults and children can appreciate.

 Who said adults can't play too!?

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