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Thursday, 16 November 2017


Last Saturday I went to the Stylist Live event in Kensington Olympia. The Stylist is a free weekly fashion magazine that is released with the London’s Evening Standard newspaper.

The Stylist Live event ran throughout the weekend from Friday to Sunday. This was my first time attending the event and venue that is located opposite the over ground station. Inside the venue, talk stages, fashion shows, bars, food, stalls greeted visitors, there was everything, you name it!

I went to three of the many talks of the day to choose from! The first talk I went to was ‘The Year of Yes’ at the Grow Stage. This panel talk was inspired by Shona Rhime’s book where she made sure she did not let any opportunity pass her by that year. The panel included three entrepreneurs Freddie Harrel, Lou Gardiner and Maria Hatzistefanis. The three of them, from different fields of work shared their trials, tribulations and tips on building their own assets. There was a lot to go through all in the space of thirty minutes, but they did it! I’ve noted my favourite quote from each one of the speakers below.

Before making my way to the next talk, we went to see the 20 minute Stylist live fashion show which happened hourly. I loved that you could actually follow the looks and trends as we were handed a sheet that stated each look and items. Do all fashion shows do this? They should.

Situated in the center of the room opposite the fashion show was Gordon’s Pink Gin Bar, where we collected a complimentary Strawberry gin and tonic. The installation design was classy and chic, surrounded by multiple shades of pink flowers. I actually wish I took better pictures of it, but my Instagram story pic will have to do!

The second talk I went to was called ‘The Tinder Burnout: What will dating look like in 2018?’ This was a popular turn out, with the crowd over flowing way beyond the benches that were provided. Whether this was a good thing that the turn out was so huge, I’m still not sure. On the panel for this topic was psychotherapist Hilda Burke alongside the journalist and broadcaster Alix Fox. This was probably the funniest panel out of the three I saw. I really enjoyed it. Hilda explained how many people are opting out of dating or choosing celibacy. Alix on the other hand spoke about possible dating apps of the future and the negative connotations with online dating and dating in general. I also learnt some new terminology. Who knew that ‘fire door’ has more than one meaning? Alix successfully explains this is a one-way relationship with the person who is on the receiving end not reciprocating. Hilda also reminded the audience that only you can find your own happiness therefore do not get into a relationship looking for happiness. I have forgotten the interviewer/host’s name but I thought she was particularly good and asked many of the questions I was thinking.

The last talk of the day for me was ‘How to be brave: Speaking up against Racism with Clara Amfo and Reni Eddo-Lodge.’ The pair discussed Eddo-Lodge’s most recent and debut book ‘ Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ (which is a must read if I may say so myself!). It was like having a live format of the book, which was incredible! Clara asked about the origins of the book which started from a blog post Eddo-Lodge had written back in 2014. Reni passionately explains the blatant inequality within the system and institutions in Britain. Reni also discussed how it is more detrimental to claim ‘ I do not see colour’ than to be aware of the issue. I thoroughly enjoyed this talk; I knew I would because the book states nothing but the unfortunate truth of society.

After the talk I made a hasty rush to the Waterstone’s stall where Reni Eddo-Lodge was scheduled to be doing signings of her book. I made it in good time, by avoiding a lengthy queue. As I met Reni I love how she instantly knew I had been reading the book during many sessions on public transport because I had removed the cover. I also loved the fact we were matching in mustard yellow attire – Great minds think alike!

The book signing was my last stop for the day. Before we knew it, it was 6pm. It felt like a workday, only more fun of course. I’ve always liked Stylist Magazine, from the fashion trends to the travel tips they offer. I also feel that they are the few magazines that go far and beyond to cater for all women. Similar with the fashion show I was really impressed by the diverse showcase of models. It just goes to show if they can do it, why can’t others do it?

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