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Wednesday, 24 January 2018


I've been reading a lot on self care recently, I think the older I've become the more in tune and attention I pay to my well being. I no longer sweat the small stuff and I believe my previous travel experiences are responsible partly for this way of thinking. There are now multiple products to choose from in order to enhance our self care routine whether that be via beauty or meditation field. However, travel is the all in one package deal for me. I have found when I travel I am able to evaluate life from an outside looking in perspective. 

As you travel you are continiously learning about yourself, what you can and can't tolerate, what to prioritise and what is actually worth complaining about. Gratitude is something that has grown within me since I've started exploring different countries. For example, ever since I experienced the NYC subway I've stuck to my word to never utter a bad word about TFL again - Why? Because I have experienced worst modes of transport. Traveling allows you to make these comparisons, to escape and reflect, which is why I believe it is the ultimate act of self care as you are taking care of many aspects of yourself at one time. All of these thoughts usually come to play regardless of the destination. 


What I enjoy the most about travelling other than the inspiration, food and heat which is then the outcome of glowing skin, is the escapism aspect. The escape from routine, escape from the ordinary into the unexpected. Leaving what is familiar for an awaiting new adventure where there is a high chance of exploring or learning something new. As I think of next destination I found how to plan your 2018 travels by MovewithDoyin where she shares some great cost effective travel tips.

Self Reflection

A change of scenery always helps during self reflection. Whether you are at home, abroad or in a new town, I believe everyone should make time for self reflection. Reflection gives th brain the opportunity to both gather thoughts and pause amidst the noise. For some reason I find this a much easier task to do when I'm away, I guess being away from a situation allows you to analyse, process and plan the next actions. Its your time to be honest with your self and ask the questions you need the answers to. The power of self reflection is a good template to go by.

Location: Cape Coast, Ghana

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