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Monday, 5 February 2018


I know I said my last post would be my last Ghana post, however I thought it would only be right to review the first Eco Lodge I have ever stayed in!

During my trip to Ghana, I stayed at an Eco Lodge in Elmina called the Stumble Inn. My friend found it online via at £7 per night – bargain!

What is an Eco Lodge?
An Eco Lodge is an environment friendly resort that function without or minimal electricity other than solar power lighting. So not luxury – There is my disclaimer.

I stayed here with two friends for two nights in a four-bedroom dorm that had two bunk beds and a handmade bamboo-stacking shelf to put our bits and pieces.  Before making our way to the dorm we walked through what felt like an micro scale botanical garden passage way. This is conveniently situated in between the dorms and the open space by the seafront where most visitors spent their time.  The staff here are lovely and always ready to help and assist with plans.  The food was also delicious! In the right hand corner of the central space is a shack/bar where you must pre order what is on the menu, as the cook will serve everyone at a certain time. From my memory, dinner was at 7pm. Similar with breakfast; we would request what we wanted the night before. Meals and beverages were added to the accommodation bill that you pay for at the end of your stay. Stumble Inn also has a small boutique beside the shack with a variety of souvenirs to choose from.

My favourite element of Stumble Inn is the washing area. There is something so therapeutic about having a shower outdoors, especially with a powerful shower! I loved the simple design and consistent use of the same materials bamboo and cement in the bathroom zone and throughout the site that complimented the rural aesthetics of an eco friendly space. I wish I had taken a photo.

Despite, there being a barrier of rocks by the seafront of Stumble Inn, if you walk further down, the ‘fence of rock’ soon comes to an end and you are greeted with what you were looking for all along…the sand and the sea! We spent most of our last hours here. Please note by this point you have past Stumble Inn and the neighboring Elmina Bay Hotel. The walk there and back is just under 10 minutes.

Some evenings the staff organizes a campfire for the visitors. Which is a nice opportunity to meet with other lodgers. That is if you haven’t met already, as the site is very small. Although it was short I enjoyed the stay, it is ideal especially if you want some down time away from your phone because you certainly will not get any Wi-Fi here. (psst… although they have some wifi next door at Elmina Bay if you really can’t resist.)

Would you return to Stumble Inn?

I am not one to stay somewhere I’ve stayed before, however I would return to Stumble Inn if I were in the area. The only thing I would do differently is perhaps staying in the chalets nearer the sea (first image) rather than in a dorm, which felt a bit dark at times.

Things to know if you are going to Stumble Inn:
- A taxi from Central Elmina to Stumble is take 25 minutes and will cost no more than 15ghc
- Bring a Towel!
- It is next to Elmina Bay Resort
- Pack Mosquito repellant!
- Say hello to Isaac!

Activities to do in the area:

- Visit Elmina Castle
- Visit Elmina Town
- Kakum National Park
- Go for a swim!

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