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Sunday, 13 May 2018


I cannot believe we are already halfway through May. Ideally I should have put up this post at the start of the month, but as the month is not over yet and neither are the events I have listed, it still applies. Here are a few activities not to be missed this month!

Well I will not be missing them that is for sure! Enjoy.

Dak'art Biennale: Dakar, Senegal

This year is the Dak’art Biennale’s thirteeth edition. Based in Senegal since 2002, the biennale successfully showcase African art and design by multiple exhibitors from the continent and diaspora. From photographers, painter, sculptures, you name it! I was lucky enough to catch the first week of the Biennale that happens every two years throughout the month of May. This year’s theme is ‘ L’heure Rouge’ (The red hour) by artistic director Simon Njami alongside the Suba Biennale and Dakart Off.

Dak'art Biennale officially ends the 2nd June 2018. 

ArtistsOpen Houses: Brighton, UK

If you can’t quite make it all the way to Senegal, no worries - there is this! The Artist Open Houses! Not at the same scale as the Biennale, however you can find some real gems in Brighton at the moment as they take part in Artist Open Houses where local artists open their homes/studios to the public. I recently past the work of Irene Soler who has collaborated with Fair Shop, to create the retail store's decor using recycled plastic found from Brighton's sea front called 'Souvenirs Brighton Beach'.

Artists Open Houses is on now until the 28th May 2018.

I’m looking forward to seeing the work of African filmmakers who reverse the ‘colonial gaze’ with their own perspectives of how they should be represented and be able to tell their own story rather than being spoken for by Western Directors. Set in the 60’s, the film looks at the relationship between French and Francophone African cinema. I can’t wait to see it and to see Touki Bouki which the Barbican are also screening.

Returning the Colonial Gaze is a part of the Art of Change season at the Barbican. 
Showing until 30th May 2018

(B)oldFestival: South Bank London, UK

This is a new festival located at the South Bank Centre. Bold Festival is a week long festival that celebrates the talent of 65 years and plus creatives. Bringing them to the forefront, with performances, workshops and panels. I can’t remember how I came across this, but I will most certainly try and see what it is about.

(B)old Festival is starts 14th May - 20th May 2018.

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