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Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Where is 2018 going? How is it August already? I’m not sure but here are a few events not to miss this month!

Chale Wote Festival is an street art and culture festival showcasing the work of African creatives and artists such as Stacey Ravvero and photographer Ofoe Amegavie. This year is the 8thedition of the event brought to you by Accra (dot) Alt Radio. 

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How official this day is, I do not know, but I feel as if the older I’ve become the more ‘world appreciation days' I hear of. Jollof Rice is a staple dish promindatly founded in West Africa. At Pop Brixton the public will have the opportunity to judge for themselves, what country/company makes the best version of the same dish? Find out more here.

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Shades of Beauty Live is a new Beauty and self appreciation event created for black women emphasizing there is no one way to be a black woman. Founded by sisters Grace and Christina Adesina who are committed to challenging beauty standards with a line up of panels, beauty products, live music and good vibes not to be missed! Get your tickets here. #MyShadeMatters

Notting Hill Carnival: 26-27th August 2018| London,UK

The Carnival happens every year in London, celebrating Caribbean culture in the UK since 1966. Enjoy one of Europe’s biggest street carnivals with a variety of sound systems, floats and street food in Notting Hill.

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