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Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Valletta 2018
I went to Malta for the first time earlier this year during the Easter break, where I covered it here on 5 reasons to visit Malta during Easter break. Despite visiting Malta for a couple of days we managed to fit a lot in. Malta’s history and multicultural influences within their culture is one definitely worth exploring. Here are a few of my hot picks of places to add to your own itinerary when/ if you plan a trip!


Sliema is a resort town in the Northern Harbour District of Malta that features many of the countries baroque inspired designs such as the Stella Maris Church

-  ACTIVITY: There are a number of activities to take part in especially as Sliema is by the waterfront where there is the Sliema Ferry that offers trips to The Blue Lagoon, Valletta and more. The Salesian Theatreand one of the oldest polygonal forts in the world Fort Tigné is also located in Sliema. 
-      FOOD: Castelletti Bistro - This place was so good we went back twice for the seafood platter that came with a bottle of rosé all for €25 – what a bargain! (Disclaimer, I’m not certain that the deal may still be on.)
-      EXPLORE: St Julians – It’s not quite Sliema however it is neighbouring Sliema. If you are looking for a night out, St Julians has a wide range of clubs, bars and restaurants to choose from.


Valletta is the capital of Malta and was recognised as a World Heritage Site in 1980 by UNESCO.

-      ACTIVITY– Upper Barrakka Gardensis one of the last places I visited. It is a public garden above the Lower Barrakka Gardens that was built in the 1560s. The Gardens has also been featured in The Game of Thrones.
-     SITE SEE – I do not usually like Train Tours, but this was really informative as we passed by most of Valletta’s attractions and historic landmarks such asThe Auberge de CastilleThe tour is 5 euros with the start off point outside St John’s catchredal. 
-      EXPLORE – St John’s Cathredral and Fort Saint Elmo are impressive tourist attractions according to the World Wide Web. I was unable to see Fort Siant Elmo and the queue for St John’s Cathredral was out of this world. The Roman Catholic church was designed by Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar.

Medieval Town - Mdina 2018

Mdina and Rabat are neighbouring towns in the Northern Region of Malta. The towns are known for their unique mix of both medieval and baroque architecture.

-      EXPLORE– During our visit to Mdina, the first stop was the Medieval Town (Silent City). We walked around the old town and visited the local churches and shops filled with artisan souvenirs.
-    ACTIVITY– Within the Medieval Town is the option to see The Mdina Experience that takes you on a tour set back in time, reliving past times in Mdina.
-      SITE SEE – The Victoria Lines in Rabat originally known as the North West Front spans across 12 kilometres of Malta. This fortification was built by the British military as a physical barrier to other invading force in the late 19thcentury.


Gozo is an island part of the Maltese archipelago that is in the Meditterrian Sea. With influence from Agrigento and Ancient Greek, this is one place I wish I wished able to spend more time at. You can visit the island via The Gozo Channel Line Ferry.

-      ACTIVITY: Gozo Segway Tours – This was one of the highlights of the whole trip, a perfect way to see Gozo in its beauty. There are options in terms of the duration during of the tour. Find out more here.
-      FOOD:Tal-Massar Winery– This is a family owned business that conduct wine tasting in groups of over 10 every Tueday and Saturday. I was only in Gozo for a matter of hours so I didn’t get to do the Tal-Massar Winery, but its an option for your trip.

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