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Thursday, 5 December 2019

Top 5 Reasons to stay at East West Hospitality as a solo or group travel.

Chinery Hesse Suites have partnered with East West Hospitality here in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The company is an apartment rental service located on Wilkinson Road. They know how to make their visitors feel at home away from home. As the Christmas season approaches East West Hospitality have multiple apartments for guests, whether you travelled alone, as a couple or a group, there is something for everyone. East West have multiple size rooms that vary starting at $700 a week. Here are a few of my top reasons and features from East West Hospitality that I believe will make your stay not only enjoyable but easy with less hassle.

1. Apartments:  The apartments are bright and modern with Sierra Leonean décor finishes offering visitors the personal space they desire after a long day in the city. Rooms include a kitchenette, living room space with TV, air conditioning, and bedroom. En suite and a few even include a balcony.

2. Security & Wi-Fi: Ok, so these are two reasons but for me security and Wi-Fi are non-negotiable when I am looking at accommodation options. East West Hospitality provides both of them. 24/7 gated security and Wi-Fi.

3. View: On the top for of East West Hospitality there is an open bar space that they are still working on but it is open to the public, the view from this particular area is serene, as you on look part of the peninsula of Freetown. It also a nice area to get a drink and chill if you want a change of scenery from your room/apartment on the premises, however if you are truly on holiday you should not be at your accommodation all day long anyway!

4. Breakfast: If a hotel or rental is going to offer you one meal a day I always say let it be breakfast! Because the likelihood is that your will be out during lunch and dinner hours anyway! East West offer guests breakfast varying from cereal to an African breakfast including bread, plantain and eggs. Don’t forget there is also a kitchenette in each apartment space therefore visitors can also prepare what they wish.

5. Car Hire: East West Hospitality has cars on site ready for their visitors that request to use them. Visitors will have to pay for fuel only but can have a driver for as long as need be. Staff will be able to assist with informing visitors how much fuel they will need to certain distances if unaware.

If you are interested in staying at East West Hospitality this December, do not forget to the discount code: YASMINTELLSXMAS for a special Christmas discount during your time at East West Hospitality.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

10 Reasons to visit Dalton’s Guesthouse on Banana Islands, Sierra Leone

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Dalton’s Guesthouse, this was my third visit to Banana Islands, which is 38.9 kilometres away from the capital city of Freetown. Banana Islands are a group of islands that lie off the coast of Yawri Bay. Dalton Guesthouse focuses on recreational activities, so if you like adventure travel this is the spot for you! Here are 10 reasons to visit Dalton’s Guesthouse on Banana Island.


1.    Transport to the Guesthouse - Boat Ride
Dalton’s Guesthouse provides a boat to and from the guesthouse to the Kent bay. The ride takes 30 to 40 minutes so if you suffer from seasickness please take your remedies before the trip. The ride was smooth when I went, but I would not advise crossing any seas during rainy season.

2.    Staff are welcoming

The staff members at the guesthouse are helpful and always willing to assist. Greg and Mr Phillip are the frontrunners I would say, but all the staff is friendly and easy to identify in their green uniform shirts.

3.    Water Sports
Dalton’s guesthouse has a number of water sports, from water sailing, surfing and multiple floats to choose from which is perfect for families with kids. They also have advanced water sports for the more adventurous such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

4.    Historical Tours
At Dalton Guesthouse they offer a number of excursions. I would say that the historical tour is a vital one to part take in.  A tour guide will take you on an hour walk from the guesthouse to different regions of the island where you will be able to see the only church on the island, school, colonial fixtures and other neighbouring businesses on Banana Island such as Bafa Resort and the original Banana Island Guesthouse.

5.    Amazing Food!

During my time on Banana Island I was spoilt with fresh seafood! We ate crab on arrival and fish the following day in Dalton’s communal eating area. There were three different options for breakfast alongside hot drinks.

6.    Fishing

With Dalton’s Guesthouse you have the option to take a boat tour along the coast of Banana Islands. I attempted to fish but I wasn’t so lucky.Everything I ate during my time at Dalton’s Guesthouse was freshly caught on the day.


Going to and from the island you are served with views. Dalton’s Guesthouse even has a make shift additional floor on their premises, which is a nice spot to get some breeze and to take in the surroundings from another perspective.

8.    Stay the night

Dalton’s guesthouse has five double bed chalets for guests to stay in. Conditions are very basic but it is somewhere to lay your head for the night. I would advise taking a bed sheet and towel. The guesthouse uses solar energy. Phones and devices can only be charged throughout the day (until 6pm). The room prices vary.

9.    Turtle island excursion

Dalton’s Guesthouse offer trips to Turtle Island, the island is remote and does not have any public transport to reach there however that being said. Dalton’s guesthouse do offer boat ride trip to Turtle Island the journey by sea take just under three hours, but I’m sure that is made worthwhile once arriving at the island, I’m yet to visit – perhaps on my next trip to the guesthouse.

10. An opportunity to see Banana Island

Visiting the guesthouse gives you the opportunity to visit this beautiful island that is enriched with Salone history.

For more information on Dalton’s Guesthouse check out their website - Let them know you heard about their fanastic experiences they offer via YASMIN TELLS  J

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Thursday, 10 October 2019


Here are a few events happening mostly in the UK and Sierra Leone this October. Enjoy the post!

The Sierra Leone Art’s and Culture Festival is a day event that will showcase the work and stories of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. I will also be speaking at this year's event. Get your tickets here for an event not to miss!

2)  Diamond Mining & Nature Retreat with ExtremeExcursions | Kono, Sierra Leone | 26-27th October 2019

Extreme Excursions are creating unique weekends outside of the capital city for adventurous people. This week they have a fully booked weekend hike in Makeni. Join them on their next group trip to Kono.

This is an year-long exhibition that is currently on show at the London Docklands. Showcasing the life and beginning of the Krio people of Sierra Leone.

Black Girl Fest is back! Celebrating brown skin girls in the UK and worldwide. The event will consist of talks and workshops by keynote speakers from different sectors such as MP Dawn Butler and Ronke Lawal not to forget the marketplace filled with multiple vendors that Black Girl Fest has to offer. This year at the festival BGF have teamed up with the NHS and have made it possible to give blood at this year’s festival.

5) Travel and Tourism Talks| Freetown, Sierra Leone| 17th October 2019
Sensi Tech Hub to commence with their first  ‘Travel and Tourism Talks’ session a monthly dialogue amongst the public and a new theme per session. Myself, Yasmin Metz-Johnson, will host the first session as I plan to showcase a facelift of the current site as we uncover exploration in Sierra Leone. Come and join us at 6pm on 17th October 2019.

At the Southbank London there will be the annual London Literature Festival this is the 13th edition since it started. The festival will open with Poetry International and follow with readings, talks and discussions based on literature worldwide.

Black Ballad and Financial Times are coming together to host a discussion on how women can make the most of their money. The night will include a variety of information from investments and personal finance from notable women in the field. Speakers on the evening will be Bola Sol, Merisha Stevenson, Melanie Eusebe alongside financial reporter for the Financial Times Emma Agyemang ant Founder of the digital platform Black Ballad, Tobi Oredein. For more information on the event, go to the link here.

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