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Friday, 22 February 2019

Y SQUARE POD: S01E03 Suffa posh & Gentri

On the third episode of Y Square Pod, Yasmin and Yasmine share more about their ethnicity and identity that then leads into the main topics of discussion where the duo define and speak on ‘Suffa Posh and Gentri’. Yasmin describes the term ‘Suffa posh’ as going beyond your financial lane to perceive an image that is untrue. The term coined by Sierra Leonean singer Innocent insinuates the notion of living as false life, they go on to quote a few of his lyric within the podcast. Y Square touch on a number of subject matters throughout this episode from classism to junx clos (second hand clothing). As two ladies of the diaspora, they also speak on that question of ‘where are you from?’ and the unpacking of a question that shouldn’t be complex but it is for so many of us. The ladies talk about what the term gentry means here in Sierra Leone in 2019.

 I could tell you what else we speak about but you should probably listen to #YSquarepod instead of reading a bias attempt of a review!

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