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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Y SQUARE POD: S01E05 Padi Padi Biznes & #SaloneMenDontCheat

In the fifth episode of YSquare Podcast we open with an interesting fact about Sierra Leone, this week we share the wildlife animals that are to be found in Sierra Leone. Yasmin and Yasmine discuss the multiple meanings of the term ‘Padi’. One word has many meanings here in Freetown Sierra Leone, however it is traditionally translated as ‘friend’ in Krio, the local language spoken in Salone. We talk about friendship groups and the current climate and trends we both have observed and experienced when it comes to dating and relationships. Y square even the comparisons of what dating is like in Sierra Leone compared to the West, alongside what we believe are the contributing factors to toxic relations and cheating. For more on this episode, give it a listen here! If you have already listened to this episode when would love to hear your thoughts! Join in the conversation using the hashtag #YSquarePod.

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