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Friday, 30 August 2019


Chale Wote Street Art Festival is an annual festival event that takes place in Accra, Ghana. The festival showcases Ghanaian heritage, culture and talent through multiple art forms over a span of two weeks. However, the Jamestown takeover usually takes place during the last weekend of the Chale Wote Festival. Since 2011, Chale Wote has been exhibiting collaborative art, music and performances to the streets of Jamestown and of recent times in separate venues where organisations put on shows in association with Chale Wote. The event is produced by Accra Dot Alt Radio and supported by various local cultural networks.

Before attending this year’s Chale Wote I had only ever attended the Dak’art Biennale in Dakar, Senegal when it comes down to art shows in West Africa. The set up of Chale Wote was ever so embracive you could find everything and anything around the town. Jamestown on the other hand, if you imagine a street carnival, meets gallery, meets a main stage. That was Chale Wote! The streets sidewalks were filled with food stalls and products stands whereas the streets had graffiti, parades of different groups showing off their skill, heritage or their pieces of work. On the main road by the coast are James Fort and Ussher Fort. These are old builds from the pre-colonial era that were built by the Dutch and the British. During the festival these space is reused as the gallery space that showcases the work and performance pieces of selected commissioned artists from around the world. One of my favourite installations at the festival that I saw inside one of the fort was by Ghanaian Artist Theresa Ankomah who uses kenaf woven baskets to explore weaving and structures.

Theresa Ankomah Installation at Chale Wote 2019

On the same side as the forts, Jamestown Café is situated further down this main road; they also hosted live music during the weekend in their mellow courtyard space. Before arriving at the field with the main stage for the music entertainment and more stalls!

I travelled with Africa World Airlines from Freetown to Accra. AWA also known as Fly Africa World offers flights from Freetown-Monrovia-Accra three times a week. This was my first trip with the African airline. The two and a half hour journey from Freetown was smooth with honourable customer service, the Fly Africa magazine and not to forget the selection of  ‘Made In Ghana’ fresh juices to choose from. The Ghanaian based Airline deploys just over fifty flights a day across five West African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast). Africa World Airlines also have a new have a brand new partnership with ASKY and Ethiopian Airlines where they offer seamless travel and new international routes.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival was the perfect excuse to visit a neighbouring West African city like Ghana that is making incredible moves in the tourism sector. This year marks ‘The Year Of Return’. Celebrating years of resilience as this August marks four hundred years since enslaved Africans were taken to the United States from the Gold Coast. In line with the ‘Year of Return’ the government of Ghana have also initiated policies to attract African Americans in particular and Africans abroad to relocate to Ghana. So it is fair to say Ghana will most definitely be the place to be this December.  Not to forget Afro Nation, Afrochella and the other seasonal festivities.

During the seven days I spent in Accra, I met fellow West Africans from Nigeria and Ivory Coast who also travelled for the Chale Wote festival using Africa World Airlines, it was a great feeling to not only witness the festival but to know that people from different countries around the world are also willing to travel for the same reason as you.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Y SQUARE POD: S02E06 – Sex & Education

In this episode of Y Square Pod we discuss when we were first taught about sex and our different educational backgrounds, Sierra Leone’s educational structure and exams alongside connecting topics such as, the school environment, unemployment and study camps. Not to forget the podcast features, the interesting fact about Sierra Leone and the African Proverb. The Mama Lu’s Kitchen hamper giveaway winner is also announced in this episode. Check out the second to last episode of the podcast here.

Interesting Fact: Sierra Leone won the Jollof Rice competition this year in Washington DC, USA

African Proverb: A fly that has no one to advise it follows the corpse into the grave. – Gambian Proverb

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Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Happy new month! Here are a few event across the globe not to miss out on!


1.    Chalewote Street Art Festival| Accra, Ghana |14th-25th August

Since 2011, Chalewote is an alternative street art festival that happens annually in Accra, Ghana in the streets of Jametown. The event is supported by Accra Dot Radio and showcases the arts, music and performance to locals and visitors.

Image by

2.    Yoga Retreat at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary | Sierra Leone |17th- 18th August
Tacugama are hosting their monthly Yoga Retreat at the Sanctuary from the 17th-18th August the package includes not only three yoga sessions but a tour of the Sanctuary itself and a night stay. Book at 


Don’t miss this food and beverage pop up experience in London filled with African Inspired Canapes by Afrinape and Cupcakes like no other by Build-A- Cupcake. The evening will be hosted by Caroline Sande of ‘Travel EatSlay’. Get tickets here!

4.     The Barbershop Chronicles| London, UK | 1st – 24th August
The Barbershop Chronicles is back on stage for the second year in a row. Sharing a thousand stories across six cities in one day. For generations, African men have gathered in barbershops to discuss the world The Barber Shop Chronicles showcases this so effortlessly. This year the play is shown at The Roundhouse. Click here for tickets and more information.
Image by

5.    Berlin Atonal | Germany | 28th August – 1st September
Berlin Atonal is an Annual festival for sonic and visual arts. Find out more information about the event here about the visual festival that pushes artists and musicians to collaborate and produce something new.


6.    Afropunk | Brooklyn, NYC | 24th – 26th August
Afropunk is an annual event that celebrates live music, arts, fashion and film that is produced by black artists.  The first Afropunk took place in Brooklyn in 2005. The festival now happens in South Africa and Paris. For tickets for the Brooklyn weekend Afropunk.

Image by UpRoxx

7. Sao Paulo Design Festival | Brazil | 18th -25th August
São Paulo Design Weekend is a celebration of Latin American design, including hundreds of independent events.

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