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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

10 Reasons to visit Dalton’s Guesthouse on Banana Islands, Sierra Leone

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Dalton’s Guesthouse, this was my third visit to Banana Islands, which is 38.9 kilometres away from the capital city of Freetown. Banana Islands are a group of islands that lie off the coast of Yawri Bay. Dalton Guesthouse focuses on recreational activities, so if you like adventure travel this is the spot for you! Here are 10 reasons to visit Dalton’s Guesthouse on Banana Island.


1.    Transport to the Guesthouse - Boat Ride
Dalton’s Guesthouse provides a boat to and from the guesthouse to the Kent bay. The ride takes 30 to 40 minutes so if you suffer from seasickness please take your remedies before the trip. The ride was smooth when I went, but I would not advise crossing any seas during rainy season.

2.    Staff are welcoming

The staff members at the guesthouse are helpful and always willing to assist. Greg and Mr Phillip are the frontrunners I would say, but all the staff is friendly and easy to identify in their green uniform shirts.

3.    Water Sports
Dalton’s guesthouse has a number of water sports, from water sailing, surfing and multiple floats to choose from which is perfect for families with kids. They also have advanced water sports for the more adventurous such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

4.    Historical Tours
At Dalton Guesthouse they offer a number of excursions. I would say that the historical tour is a vital one to part take in.  A tour guide will take you on an hour walk from the guesthouse to different regions of the island where you will be able to see the only church on the island, school, colonial fixtures and other neighbouring businesses on Banana Island such as Bafa Resort and the original Banana Island Guesthouse.

5.    Amazing Food!

During my time on Banana Island I was spoilt with fresh seafood! We ate crab on arrival and fish the following day in Dalton’s communal eating area. There were three different options for breakfast alongside hot drinks.

6.    Fishing

With Dalton’s Guesthouse you have the option to take a boat tour along the coast of Banana Islands. I attempted to fish but I wasn’t so lucky.Everything I ate during my time at Dalton’s Guesthouse was freshly caught on the day.


Going to and from the island you are served with views. Dalton’s Guesthouse even has a make shift additional floor on their premises, which is a nice spot to get some breeze and to take in the surroundings from another perspective.

8.    Stay the night

Dalton’s guesthouse has five double bed chalets for guests to stay in. Conditions are very basic but it is somewhere to lay your head for the night. I would advise taking a bed sheet and towel. The guesthouse uses solar energy. Phones and devices can only be charged throughout the day (until 6pm). The room prices vary.

9.    Turtle island excursion

Dalton’s Guesthouse offer trips to Turtle Island, the island is remote and does not have any public transport to reach there however that being said. Dalton’s guesthouse do offer boat ride trip to Turtle Island the journey by sea take just under three hours, but I’m sure that is made worthwhile once arriving at the island, I’m yet to visit – perhaps on my next trip to the guesthouse.

10. An opportunity to see Banana Island

Visiting the guesthouse gives you the opportunity to visit this beautiful island that is enriched with Salone history.

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