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Thursday, 10 April 2014

WIS: Mother+Daughter road trip to Cap Vert!

Just a note that WIS aka 'When in Sen'.

Last weekend I went on a road trip to Cap Vert, peninsula of Senegal with my numero uno, my mum! It was so much fun. The plan was to go to Lac Rosé which unfortunately wasn't very pink when we arrived after the 40 minute car journey from the capital (the lake is pink in the dry season apparently). However I still enjoyed the tour and my time at the 3 square kilometre lake as we learned about its history and the lakes serving purpose, I also bought some souvenirs from the lovely Senegalese women who also put in some freebies! What shocked me the most about the Lac Rosé is the amount of salt it has, the lake contains almost 40% salt which the men who work there 6/7 hours a day take the salt from the sea as the women would go and stack it into grey heaps that will eventually turn into white salt over time, before it is exported worldwide.

Mum and I

Us surrounded by..Salt

For lunch we ate at this Chez Salim's l'hotel, probably my favourite hotel I have seen in 
Senegal so far, as all the pathways are covered in shells with petite grass islands created for the plants and palm trees which you can really admire from the view at the hotel's restaurant which located on a 2nd floor.
The restaurant interior was bigger than I expected it to be painted in a mustard yellow covered my drawings and customer graffiti. I liked this element of the restaurant it gave me the feeling it was a popular place as I did not see an empty patch of yellow wall barely anywhere, it also gave me an insight into the different nationality and ages of people who are/had been at the Chez Salim which has been opened for over 20 years (according to a member of staff.)

My view from Chez de Salim Restaurant

Spot mine..
After lunch we went on an additional tour of the north west near the lake in a massive 4x4 jeep (forgive me I'm bad with cars, although I am pretty sure this one was of no brand in particular). Probably the noisiest vehicle I have ever been in but other than that I really enjoyed the ride on the 16 seater which we had to ourselves luckily so no embarrassment was caused as my mum wailed at every bump we drove over. I sat in the front after a while as we climbed the high rise of sandy hills, just enjoying the ride whilst my mum continuing to scream with her eyes shut at the back during most of the journey!! We made a few stops on our way on the tour just to take pictures and admire the serene scenery before returning to Chez Salim which we didn't stay at although I wish we did.

Cap Vert coast


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