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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

WIS: For all you Sushi lovers! (If you're ever in Dakar..)

I think it's fair to say I've eaten more Sushi here than I have anywhere before. I haven't eaten it that many times only on 4 different occasions but that is 3 more times than the first time I tried it in a Yo sushi in London with a few friends coincidentally the week before I travelled to Dakar.

I look so excited 

Sushi is not to everyone's taste and the idea of eating raw fish doesn't sound appetising however like with everything you can't judge something before trying it. Once you get over the fact that the fish is not cooked and dip it in a decent soy sauce, it's not bad at all!  I am not one to be comparing food because anyone who knows me knows that I eat everything! Not to mention that I am now comparing restaurants of the same specialist foods. Here is my attempt to compare the 3 different sushi bars I have been to in Dakar.

1. Mokai
Mokai is very modern and is currently voted one of the best restaurants in Dakar. I will have to agree as they are a very versatile sushi bar, serving other dishes such as chicken yakitori (pictured below). They also prepared a pumpkin soup shot as a starter which was really good even better that it was on the house! Mokai is located close to the Institut Francais en ville. I liked the minimalistic look and the contrast between the monochrome interior. 

Chicken Yakatori at Mokai

Fuji is the first Sushi bar I visited in Dakar earlier this year with some Peace Corps friends. It is located en villa (town centre). I can't remember off head what exactly I ordered however I remember them being nicely portioned (slightly bigger than the usual sushi). The Japanese restaurant was calm with dark and sutra colours used on all interior objects against apricot orange painted walls.

3.Little Buddha
Little Buddha is located within the courtyard of Sea plaza shopping centre and next to the Radisson hotel. The venue is also a night club with East Asia inspired interior decor. I've been to the venue twice, it was also my most recently visited. I ordered the 'Califonia 4 piece' and the Thon espice 4 piece' I ate out site in a cream staged tent with a Asian Colada cocktail.

Overall they all tasted really good, i've just noted my experience and what I noticed at each bar more than anything.

I'm not a food critic, but it was worth a try i guess. I hope it helps the future Dakar visitors/ sushi eaters one way or the other.


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