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Saturday, 14 June 2014

My stop at the East End Thrift Store

I recently went to a thrift store in East London, my second attempt at charity shopping. Luckily for me this trip was successful. The double space sized room down a back alley opposite Genesis Cinema, consisted of old/vintage clothing including a numerous amount of denim items to choose from. The idea was to fill up your bag either a medium bag (£10) or bigger bag for £20 with as much goods as you could find, which kind of reminded me of that show Dale Winton used to present back in the 90's 'Supermarket Sweep', only we weren't under a time limit as such.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes!
G trying on baggy mom dungarees she found.

Initially when my friend who I went along with explained the concept to me I thought we had to buy our bag/s before seeing the garments so your hunt would be a lucky dip in the sense that you might find a heap load of items you like, or you might just have wasted a tenner on a plastic bag. However I was glad to learn that we could browse through the rails and fill up our bags before any purchases were made. On the far right a third of the space was sectioned off for the 'prestige' looking vintage items that had set prices. I left with my lace floral plastic bag full to the brim managing to fit inside two cardigans, two shirts and a top. Not bad at all for £10!

Its open 7 seven days a week, definitely worth checking out.

Denim overload


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