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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Holi Festival of Colours! 29/06/2014

Over the weekend I went to the Holi Festival of Colours at Queen Elizabeth's Olympic Park. I didn't really have a clue about which artists or DJ's were going to be there it was more of concept believe it or not, of everyone being covered in paint which sold the experience to me! (Not gonna lie).

Despite the rain in the non-existing old fashion orderly queue (there was no queue just a heap of people moving forward until we saw the entrance marquee), the rain was not going to spoil the day, as we suffered the worst of it whilst waiting to get inside the venue. Even though the entry into the festival was not as organised as it should have been, weirdly enough everything seemed to have a system of some sort once you reached the other side of the marquee and were finally inside Holi Festival! They had a setup like many theme parks/fun fairs do now. They replaced the use of money (£) with tokens, to buy whatever you please within the festival (food and drinks). As for the colour! Depending on the ticket you purchased everyone receives an average sized draw string sac in exchange for your ticket which contained 6/7 different coloured powder sachet pink, orange, purple, green you name it.

This is how the action happened, whilst in the crowd the DJ would do a 10 second countdown every hour before everyone would dash their powder in union creating a euphoric colour clashing cloud. Which looks rather cool from a bird's eye view.  Although we were throwing paint from the moment we got hold of it like many of the other festival goers as Tim Cullen, Superflu and alternative DJs performed.

Luckily for me I didn't need the toilet throughout the festival so I would be lying if I gave a review on those. But we all know festival toilets or as you can imagine are not the one. Avoid using them as long as your can!
Overall it was a fun day and an experience I wouldn't mind participating in again (maybe the original Holi Festival in India?). Your company always helps and luckily for me went two care free mademoiselles. I think everyone will know if this sort of event is for you or not just on the concept alone. I would definitely try it out, there is a first time for everything. Even if people do look at you strangely when you are leaving the festival to get on the train home. At least you are not alone!

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