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Monday, 18 August 2014

The Arboreal Lightning Project @ Camden Roundhouse

Arboreal lighting by Atmos
It's been a while since I last posted, I know but August has been busy so far as I've been looking for somewhere to live in London before I return to uni this October (finally found somewhere!). I have also been helping construct an epic luminous tree "The Arboreal Lightning Project" inside Camden Roundhouse with Atmos Studio which has been great fun so far. I've been into set design/ installations for a while now. I think it might be inspired from all the musical productions and shows my mum use to take me to see when I was younger (thanks Mum). Throughout my second year of university I thought I exceeded more with project briefs that were of an installation nature. I prefer the idea of creating something outstanding and memorable for only a temporary amount of time.

The Arboreal Lightning project is an interactive lighting installation, designed to bring the auditorium of Camden Roundhouse alight during the 4 day Reverb Festival (of Contemporary Classical Music Festival). The Festival will be headlined by Grammy-Award winning  singer/songwriter Imogen Heap who will continue to use the lighting display for her world tour next year. The design by Atmos has been modelled around the venue as many features with the design process resembles the location. The lightning installation reflects the Roundhouse's famous in the round clock like structure of 24 columns through material quantity, as 24 strands of LED lights flow above as the lighting follows through the centre piece trunk displayed on the main stage. The installation commissioned by the Roundhouse, Imogen Heap and Bloomsberg who present 'Summer Sessions' during July-August at the Camden Roundhouse, has impressively been created to visionally respond to interactions as each 4.800 pixel light  flickers independently in response to live synergy, forming a fluent and rhythmic movement through sound into the space.

Section drawn by Atmos

It's been great experience to see and work on a project that has been continuously evolving to greater stages, from the first day of making the everlastingly long LED light strands, to painting, joining and fixing the trunk on to the column. Building the installation into its rightful  design position as an interior tree that branches off into the shadowed and hidden parts of the raised interior structure. I can only imagine how rewarding it is going to be to see it completed.

I really like how the concept has been intertwined with technology as well as different human senses. Creating a rememberable experience for the audience members, making both the show and visit worthwhile. The design also manages to challenge many relationships  within the one room. As many interactions are tested between light, sound, performers and the audience.

This Wednesday (20/8/14) will be an all day public access from 12pm to 6pm

Check out the Arbroreal lighting project at the The Reverb Festival is on this week at Camden Roundhouse (21-24th August).


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