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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016 - A change of scenery

I’ll start by saying a Happy New Year! Seeing that this is my first post of 2016.  As we are now into the first few days of the New Year when is better than now for an update.

I am currently in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Where I originate from, I love coming back here. There are many attributes here that I have not been able to find in other countries I have visited (not sounding biased at all!). For that reason alongside work opportunities I might be here or in Africa much longer than I initially expected. However consistent sunshine, fresh fruits and beaches? I’m not complaining!

I travelled to Sierra Leone to see what I can offer on the other side of the Atlantic. It might not go to plan, it might well do. Ever since I did my work placement in Dakar, Senegal nearly two years ago, it has always been on my mind to return to Africa. I thought to myself. What is there to loose? You know what they say if you never try you will never know. Also if I didn’t try sooner or later, knowing my character I would just put it off forever.

I would much rather take these kind of risks/changes whilst I have no major responsibilities other than my phone bill.

I hope in 2016 we find the courage to be open to both planned and the not so planned changes that life brings. From changes in your daily routine to changing the same annual holiday destination you have been to countless times.

Remember a change of scenery usually does you some good.


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