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Saturday, 19 March 2016


Everyone has that staple item that sees you through in the end. Just when you think you have nothing to wear you remember the one garment that saves you every time. This is mine! A red simple cut dress out of some remaining fabric my mother had. Both the fabric and dress were made and tailored in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

I prefer to wear dresses or anything that is one outfit (jumpsuits and playsuits included). They just make life a lot easier you don’t have to think what bottoms you are to going to wear or what top goes with your bottoms.  They are usually what I result in because of this very matter! I was hesitant to do fashion/ style part to my blog because there are already plenty out there. But I guess everyone’s style is different and I thought why not especially share what clothes I have had tailored as for myself I am one who is searching for design ideas for new outfits to get made. Hopefully showcasing my own will give someone else ideas for their own trip to the tailor.

Let me know what you thought of my first style post.

Yasmin x

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