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Friday, 8 April 2016

A few things I learnt this Easter

I recently returned to the UK for the Easter break, to see my family who I had not seen in months (as well as to collect a lot of my things to take back with me to where I have relocated–Dakar, Senegal). It was great to see them and catch up. My 10 day trip also allowed me to make observations and reassess some of my relationships, outlooks and life in general for example here are a few things that came to mind during my return.

Gentrification is happening: Last week I put a photo up on my Instagram alongside it I explained how there used to be a massive school playground near my grandparents house. However the once grand playground is now micro as it is now hidden behind new housing in my local area… sigh.

Nothing Changes: I met up with a few friends and although I had not seen them in a long time. One of them I hadn’t seen in over a year, nothing had changed. This is a reassuring sign. We don’t need to see each other all the time, but good vibes are guaranteed when we do!

Self indulged people: Unfortunately some people enjoy talking about themselves/their life for hours on end. I guess that is partly what you are supposed to do when you meet up, but at least ask about the other person/s? Damn.

Out grown relationships: People I would have liked to have seen, but deep down I know we have nothing in common anymore and meeting up would be awkward. C’est la vie.

London is just the best!
I would say it’s the best city, but how can I possibly say that when I haven’t seen all the cities the world has to offer! But on a serious note, its great there is just so much and too much to do, how is a girl supposed to fit it all in!? I do think I prefer visiting London rather than living there I must say.

Still so much to see. During my short return to London, just when I thought I was aware of most areas in London or had been to most tube stations. I managed to pass a few during this trip I had never even heard of before. So much for knowing the city.

Time is so precious: So much to do so little time! As always. Choose who you spend your time with/ what you do with your time wisely.

I have too much stuff: (to read the small print!)
Stuff I don’t need to say the least. I think many of us are guilty for owning more than we need. I have never dreaded packing a suitcase so much in my life! How do you decide what goes with you, and what stays behind when most of your items are priority items once you have formed some sort of attachment with it? This would not have been such a mammoth task if I actually took the time to read my ticket information that I had purchased two pieces of luggage instead of spending the night before rejigging the one suitcase to the correct weight!

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