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Saturday, 10 December 2016


“Even the camera can’t mask your inner thoughts.” I remembered this saying as I looked through these pictures my friend had taken one afternoon recently. The shoot wasn’t planned, neither was this post planned but the photos resonated with me and I thought why not do a post as it is all in good timing.

My expression I believe is quite neutral, that being said it does most definitely qualify as RBF. Sorry I just can’t help that.

Forgive me if I sound too literal by giving things context but I can’t help but feel that the first picture in particular perhaps mirrors my current state of mind. The sharp shadow sliced across my body, signifies my current imbalance and torment between decision-making. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of late about my move to Senegal, work, life etc. – I guess that is the expected thing to do the nearer the year comes to an end.

 I love where I live, not to mention the climate, the food and everything else Senegal has to offer. On the other hand I don’t know how much longer I can deny a part of me wanting to return home. Maybe it is because we have entered the Christmas season that may well play its part in my recent feelings of homesickness because really I don’t regularly feel anyway about it. 

Living abroad has its pros and cons and its seriously not easy living away from both family and friends although you would like to think that the pros weigh out that. At this moment in time I’m not sure if they do.

I guess what it comes down to is being realistic about the situation and honest with yourself.

Culottes: Mango
Rucksack: Nio Far

Location: Sacré Coeur - Dakar, Senegal

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