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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I was initially going to do a post about my new hair do, but after stating the obvious fact once you see the photos that I have grey braids where do I go from there? So what better to write about than your location? Here is a post on the location of these photos, if you are ever interested in visiting somewhere in West Africa, here is my review of The Place on the peninsula coast of Tokeh, Sierra Leone.

The day after the New Year I decided to go visit Tokeh beach with a friend. The drive from the capital city Freetown took just under two hours. The last time I had been here was three years ago. Therefore I completely forgot that many beach resorts are now conveniently situated before the white sandy beach. We found that we had arrived at the gates of new hotel resort ‘The Place’. 

 At the open plan reception we paid Le 50,000 ($7.50), this covered the deck chairs, WiFi and 15% off your meal. Once we had finish the quick procedure at the reception we walked past the multiple chalets that are positioned before the beach.

It was busy this day, but nothing like Lumley Beach on a crowed day. There was space for all. We were one of the few day visitors as many people had planned to stay. The beach had watersports however these were private. I didn’t have the guts to do it, so I watched my friend zoom away from afar. The waves were not overbearing, so I was in the sea for a while. We were only there for four to five hours but we most certainly made the most of our time. 

The only thing I would say The Place should work on, is the service within the dining area. Our food took forever to arrive, and when it finally arrived not all the ingredients were in included in the burger. However we did get it once we asked for it (not that we should have to ask if its already stated on the menu). The drinks were nice, with a varied selection of cocktails. That being said I did enjoy the private beach experience, I would love to see the interior of the chalets and how a long or short stay differs from the day experience. I guess there is always next time.

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