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Monday, 21 August 2017


I’ve put off writing about this for the longest time, but I’m tired of hiding. That’s what it feels like I’ve been doing, and not always intentionally.

I’m not going to whine about the situation too much as I am aware it is not life vs death, worst things are happening around the world and it is temporary (well, so I hope).

However that being said I’m not going to act as if it hasn’t affected or changed me because it certainly has. For the last five months I’ve been suffering from severe acne. What is/what causes acne? Yes, I was asking both Google and myself this very same question. It started like a joke in the month of March, I would notice one, then two, three bigger than your average pimples disproportionately scattered across my face. I did not understand why I was waking up with more and more bumps on the same area of my body. I had always associated acne with teenagers; acne being the sign of puberty for the meanwhile blah blah blah. I never had acne growing up in my teenage years so why now?? Is a question I cannot answer.

You would think the change of environment would effect your skin but funnily enough I never had any issues with my skin when I was living in Senegal, in fact I think the heat and good food enhanced my skin glow. But not long after returning back home to the UK all hell breaks loose on my skin from acne, to the return of my unwanted childhood friend, eczema. 

Perhaps my mother is right, maybe I am just allergic to home.

My friends and I tried to analyse everything! One of them suggested it may be the change of climate, another said perhaps my skin is reacting to the contrast of the water. Perhaps it was my diet? That hadn’t changed that much? I concluded it was down to my body adjusting back to its old environment that was until two to three months passed and I was seeing no progression with my face only for it to be aggravated and swollen. The doctors prescribed me Flucloxacillin Antibiotic Capsules, which did absolutely nothing.

During my second visit to the doctor, she explained to me that my pores were inflamed below the skin surface leading to the rupture of nearby hair follicles, which then leads to more inflammation across the face. Alongside this she continues that I may have a hormonal imbalance also affecting the body's estrogen, testosterone, and androgen hormone levels. This is also known as Hormanal Cystic Acne. Which explained the bumps tenderness, unable to pop/ beneath the skin nature. It’s annoying and I do not have the slightest idea at what triggered neither cause a hormone imbalance but hey, I’m dealing with it. I guess.

I think the worst part about it apart from it being painful and people asking you “what happened? (To your face)”is that it’s made me more self conscious than I am on a regular basis. However, there is a positive in every negative because the best part about this although it has been gruesome, at the very same time it has taught me self-love and care.

Here are some tips on how to deal with your acne. (Advice I would have told my self 4 months ago)

1.     Drink lots of water – If only I listen to my own advice! I do notice that I look more energized when I’ve drank more than my usual intake.

2.     Exercise – Always helps! Whether its just a quick run around the block or it’s a bit of cardio. It will take your mind off things and instantly make you feel better/healthier.

3.     Take images of yourself/selfies – As mush as I dislike the look of my face at the moment this is the best way to monitor progress and track what regime or product is working for you.

April 2017
4.     Find what works for your skin. – This might require spending some money, or putting it the time to do thorough research on both your skin type and the type of acne you are dealing with (in my case HCA).  I would suggest getting samples before buying the chosen product/s.

5.     Go out! Socialise – Locking yourself inside all the time is only going to make you feel worse about the situation and give you more time to dwell on it which will only drive you more crazy. Surely your appearance will not matter to your family and friends who care about your well being.

My skin still is still on the journey to returning to how is used to be but it is no way as bad as it was. Its a process that will take time so remain patient and try these tips.

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


No, I’m not talking about the cake.

I’m talking about the red velvet seats that just make this photo!

Taken in the Le Très Particulier, within Hotel Particulier, Montmartre is my mid week inspiration – and I guess my substitute for the real thing! 

I’ve told myself that I am cutting sugar out of my diet for the month of August. Well I will try my best!

I love the contrast between the bold colour of the chairs and the plants against the checkerboard flooring.

In the meanwhile, I found a pair of cute burgundy sandals in the same material.

I hope you enjoyed my mid week inspirations/thoughts and cravings.

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